The Walking Dead is an emotional roller coaster both for its characters and its fans, so we put together a quick list of feelings every fan will recognize. With the help of some stills and gifs from the show, no less:

1. When your favorite character dies unexpectedly:

Daryl Cry

2. When someone utters a TWD spoiler:

Noah reach

3. When you find out your friend thinks The Walking Dead is bad:

Carol Flowers

4. When a perfect moment makes your fangirl/fanboy heart sing:

Carol smile

5. When someone tells you they’ve never seen The Walking Dead:

Dale face

6. When you remember how far away October is:

T Dog

7. When something happens on the show exactly as you predicted:

Beth Smug

8. When something happens on the show that you could NEVER have predicted:

Craz Eyes

9. When a season of The Walking Dead ends:

BG reach

10. And, of course, when a season of The Walking Dead starts:

Happy Rick

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