October is so very far away, and it’s easy to slip into TWD show withdrawal. Here are 10 signs that you’ve been bitten by the bug (get it? Because zombies) and won’t be recovering any time soon…

1. You spend your weekend browsing Home Depot for the best zombie-fighting weapons.


2. You’ve got a countdown going to October 2014, written in blood, no less.


3. You spend hours writing Rick/Daryl slash fiction.


4. You binge. You binge the show, the comic, the novels, the games—anything and everything you can get your hands on!

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5. Every BBQ you attend instantly devolves into you screaming ‘TERMINUS IS A LIE! IT’S A LIE’ over and over.


6. You dress your pug up as Michonne.


7. You carry an old phone around that you use to ‘talk’ to Robert Kirkman.


8. Your pantry consists entirely of 7 lb cans of pudding.


9. When you take a sip of water, you hear Hershel saying, “You risk your life!”

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10. You grow a mullet and start substitute teaching science classes. Uninvited.


The solution to TWD withdrawal? We don’t have one, other than reading all of the comics, but if you have a way of coping that works, make sure you comment and share it below!