Ugh, the wait for season 5 is interminable! We’re not sure if the Season 5 trailer AMC dropped at Comic-Con helped or made it even worse. It’s a bit of a slow week, so I made our eagle-eyed intern sit down with me and we went frame-by-frame through the trailer to point out some interesting things and ask annoying leading questions. And left a few surprises unmentioned, so see what you can spot.

First, watch the trailer!

Second, spoilers ahead! We won’t say anything explicitly, but we may allude to some things. And the comment section will be FULL of spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Third, Robert hasn’t told us s–t about Season 5. He’s playing this one close to the chest. So our best guess is your best guess! Let’s do this!

1. :16

16Guy hacking away with electrical saw? Is that a body on that table? What’s he up to?

2. :23

23Why have people kneel over a trough? And is that guy int he back the guy from #1? Bzz bzzzzzzz.

3. :26

26Walkers at the door? I thought Terminus was walker-free?

4. 1:05/2:22

2.22Well clearly a church will play a big role in at least early season 5 as it shows up quite a bit in this trailer. And who might this preacher be?

5. 1:27

1.27“You don’t trust us anymore.” Hey Gareth, that glass might not hold. Don’t antagonize the walkers. Also, people trusted Gareth?

6. 1:35

1.35Hey it’s Tyreese! And Judith (probably)! Uh, where’s Carol?

7. 2:02

2.02No one likes to see a tough guy cry. What could have mission-obsessed Abe so upset?

8. 2:15

2.15Nothing. I just wanted to point out this walker because, AWESOME. Also, the whole flooded market/pantry scene looks amazing.

9. 2:20

2.20Uh, is someone about to take a baseball bat to Glenn’s head? That can’t be right. Greg Nicotero (who directed the first episode of the season) says that this shot was definitely intentionally placed in the trailer. Not to spoil anything, but if you look at this set and that gag and compare it to some earlier stuff you might be able to figure out where this is. And then we also see Glenn at a church later…

10. 2:44

2.44Hey it’s Beth! And… she looks like she’s in hell. Did they throw in clips from some other horror movie? To everyone that though Beth was safe in a church… this looks pretty damn far from safe. Also, busted wrist? Possible escape down the elevator shaft? This season looks bonkers.

Ok, what do you think Stephan and I left out (or just plain missed)? What stuff from this trailer got you most excited? Let’s hear it in the comments!