(pic via RompHim Kickstarter)

As we’ve predicted for years, the world is coming to an end sooner rather than later. The Walking Dead is a GUIDE and the people should be taking notes. Don’t believe us? We compiled actual news stories from around the world to prove how impending the end of the world is.

“Hobby Horsing”

You will out-run zero walkers by doing this.

Rompers for Men

These will also slow you down, but maybe you’ll confuse a walker long enough to get away.

People Think Monopoly Is Real

If only there was a “Get Out of Slowly Getting Eaten Alive” card.

Chicken Sandwiches Are Now Being Sent to Space

We didn’t deserve space travel technology, anyway.

Chocolate Cows

We didn’t deserve cows, either.

Coins are being thrown into Airplane engines for luck

She should try throwing coins at walkers as they close in on her.

Frosted Tips Are Making a Comeback

Here’s what’s also making a comeback…YOU after you get eaten by an undead ghoul.

“False” Warnings

Of course it all starts in Jersey.

People Have Turned to Books for Food

Resourceful, but ultimately not nutritious enough to keep you alive.

Deer Are Literally Slapping Each Other

Even if you escape a walker you’ll most likely get the life slapped out of you by a deer.


Forget everything we said about the undead, robo cops will be the end of us first.

If None of That Kills Us, This Kid Surely Will