It’s that time again! Hopefully this Fourth of July weekend will be a long one for you and you can get out of town. To that end, here’s the challenge:

I want a picture of you (or loved one or put-upon stranger) reading one of the latest issues of The Walking Dead (issues 110 or 111 or Volume 18) in a public, interesting place. Shot quality always counts. Humor always counts. International people can enter. If you’re in the UK and got your mitts on 112 early, feel free to use it! Get the photos in by Monday morning.

Take that pic and upload it to a public sharing site (Imgur, Twitpic, Facebook, anything you can link to) and drop that URL in the comments section below. Log in first so I can tell who you are.

The winner will get, well, I need to see what we have left from Image Expo, but you will definitely get a signed softcover Walking Dead Volume 1. Then hopefully, supplies willing, all 4 Faction shirts*, Walking Dead 112 Image Expo variant, and a Ghosted #1 variant (though I think we ran through all our copies). I’ll see if we have anything else cool around the office and throw that in too. Like maybe an intern or something.

Hit me up with questions below, and go out and have fun! And like us on Facebook. That’s still a thing.

*Sorry for the shot quality, stil working mobile! We’ll have product shots of the shirts soon.