As we’ve been rewatching Season 4 and dealing with Walker Withdrawal, we noticed a few awesome Easter eggs hidden in the last season of The Walking Dead. Check out our list of hidden gems and let us know in the comments if you know of any other interesting ones that we’re missing!

1. The Governor’s umbrella at Terminus

The Governor’s umbrella from Episode 407: Dead Weight shows up again at Terminus! It’s situated at a table behind Mary in Episode 415! Eerie!


2. Hidden comics

In Episode 411, when Michonne stumbles on the room of dead children, there’s an Easter egg on one of the corpses. Robert Kirkman’s all ages  comic Super Dinosaur is being clutched by one of the dead children! A little morbid, but as we know, Robert is a fan of hiding comic books elsewhere… (Episode 401, Michonne hands off some of Robert’s comics to Carl)


3. Clara returns as a zombie in the mid-season finale

Clara (the scary woman Rick meets in the woods in Episode 401) returns at the fall of the prison in Episode 408 as a walker!


4. Zombie Bub in the tunnel

Zombie Bub from Day of the Dead (1985) can be spotted in the tunnel attack in Episode 415. If you look carefully, you’ll spot his red shirt and suit, along with his slack-jawed expression.


5. Country club Presidents were crew members

According to Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth in a recent interview, the country club elite are actually members of the crew that they had on hand! When Daryl and Beth were exploring the country club last season, all those pictures of the club presidents were pictures of crew members.


Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments if you’ve spotted any other Easter eggs in Season 4!