As this arc starts building, let’s do a quick recap of what’s been happening so far:

When last we left The Walking Dead, Michonne arrived on a ship after spending a considerable amount of time at sea. Ezekiel showed up, Claudette apologized, and Maggie declared that Gregory might have to be executed. As for Carl Grimes (!!!!!!!!!!), the teenage rebel is still trudging after the Whisperers, who seem oddly relaxed about him tagging along–in fact, they lead him straight to their camp. Back at Alexandria, in the makeshift jail-basement that Negan calls home, Olivia (purposefully?) leaves his cell unlocked and Negan’s door swings open! What!?

With so many interesting things going on right now in the comic, Zach Herrera—who helps manage our Facebook page—came up with a few questions for y’all to discuss in the lead up to Wednesday:

1. What does Alpha have planned for Carl now that they reached the Whisperer Camp?

2. Will we find out why Michonne left everyone behind?

3. Will Gregory really be executed? If so, by whom?

4. Was Claudette telling Maggie the truth? Or was she and the rest of the disgruntled parents on board to kill Maggie?

5. Will Negan be sticking around for the fair?

Comment below and let us know your answers to the questions above!