We’re halfway through the final arc of Compendium 3! BIG stuff coming! Here’s where we’re at heading into issue 142:

Rick returns to Alexandria to find Dwight waiting for him. Dwight, it turns out, wants out as leader of the Saviors. It’s not a role he ever wanted. Rick tells him that it’s up to him to step down and hold an election. When he gets to the basement to check on Negan, Rick finds Negan’s cell unlocked and Negan… just sitting there. Is Negan trustworthy? At a town meeting, Eugene and Rosita announce that Rosita is pregnant (what they don’t say: the baby isn’t Eugene’s. They’ll all find out when the baby is born without a mullet, though). Rick chastises Olivia for leaving the cell unlocked. With the fair about to start, Rick tells Andrea that keeping Negan alive proves to everyone that civilization has returned, and that killing him would be the end of everything they’ve built. Meanwhile, at the Hilltop, Maggie hangs Gregory.

Zach Herrera—who helps manage our Facebook page—has his Five Fan Questions for Issue 142:

1. Almost a year of hype and the Alexandria fair is finally here! Is it going to be a success or will underlining conflicts ruin the event?

2. Is Negan finished trying to be a good guy?

3. What reaction will Maggie and the Hilltop get for publicly hanging Gregory?

4. Is Dwight stepping down as leader of the Saviors really a good idea? Is there any other candidate who can work with the other fractions?

5. Will we find out who impregnated Rosita? Will he be at the fair?

Comment below and let us know your answers to the questions above!