IGN broke down 7 of their favorite moments from the comic that they want to see in the show. Click here to check it out and then come on back for our replies! MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING.

1. The Suicide Pact

This is indeed a heavy, heavy moment in the comic, and something that Robert excels at. As IGN points out we have sister Sasha instead of daughter Julie, and we’re well past the Prison now. They also mention that Sasha seems too strong to do something like this. Agreed. Something like this would require a major slow-down in the show, and some heavy character development. It’s dark, even for AMC’s The Walking Dead.
Odds in Season 5: 10%. This season is looking fast-paced, at least the first half. I don’t think they’d have the breathing room to set this up.
Odds this will happen with Sasha: 5%. She’s too badass.
Overall Odds: 25%. It may happen with different characters. I think if it does, it might possibly be something that’s just alluded to, with characters we never even see.

2. Rick Loses His Hand

Yes, the Governor is gone, but could someone else take Rick’s hand? IGN thinks maybe professional mother f—er Negan might be the man for the job. Robert has gone on the record many times at how hard it’s been having Rick be one-handed in the comic, and there you’re able to cheat (like have Rick reload off-panel, or never tie his shoes). That won’t fly on the show. And besides, Merle already lost his hand, so how novel would it be?
Odds of Rick Losing His Hand: 5%. Anything’s possible. Especially with Kirkman, Gimple, et al.
Odds of Rick Losing Another Appendage: 15%. The man was born to suffer.

3. Battling the Hunters

AMC has been teasing something like this for a long time now. So yes, very probable. Will there be a Dale tainted meat episode? God, I hope so. Will there be some vicious, cold-blooded Survivor justice? We’ll see.
Odds of The Hunters Showing Up: 90%
Odds of Tainted Meat: 70%. I bet Gimple loves this moment as much as you guys do.
Odds of Brutal Justice: 80%. Rick has been ruthless on the show before. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it. Forgiveness gives you the Governor.

4. Eugene’s Lies Exposed

Well, the opposite here is what, Eugene is telling the truth?
Odds Eugene is a Liar and the Group Finds Out: 99.9%. I don’t believe in sure things.

5. The End of Carl’s Childhood Innocence

Well, IGN, I wouldn’t say Carl’s childhood innocence ended with a chunk of his head getting blown off. It was much, much earlier, like when he dealt with Ben. Carl grew up FAST. But will Carl endure some horrible injury in the show (besides getting gut-shot)?
Odds of Carl Getting His Eye and Part of His Face Blown Off: 75%. If only for the awesome Governor-call-back eye patch.

6. Negan’s Debut

I think this is a question of “when,” not “if.” In fact, I think Gimple even said he was planning on it.
Odds of Negan Showing Up in Season 5: 5%. It’s too soon. There’s too much story to tell, too much opportunity for the show to insert some story before Negan and All Out War.
Odds of Negan Showing Up: 90%
Odds That People Will Complain About Him Not Swearing Enough: 100%. Ok, fine, I guess I do believe in sure things.

7. All Out War

It’s the largest and most ambitious story arc we’ve done, so yes, I think it will absolutely be in the show. But again, how long will that be?
Odds of AOW in Season 5: 0.01%.
Odds of AOW: 75%

What do you guys think? What do you want to see from the comic show up in AMC’s The Walking Dead? I think IGN’s Jesse did a pretty good job! Though where are Jesus, Dwight, Ezekiel, and Shiva on the list?!