The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere is being called one of the most brutal and violent episodes in the history of cable television. But comic fans will tell you it was almost just as brutal when it went down 5 years ago in the notorious Issue #100. How close did it get to the source material? We’ve broken it down in side-by-sides.

1. The Kill Stayed (Mostly) True To The Comics

The moment everyone waited 6 months for played out in the show almost EXACTLY like it did in the comics. One huge caveat that most of you know: Abraham wasn’t a part of this. Instead, he died a few issues prior the same way Denise died in the show: with Dwight shooting an arrow through his head. Also, Heath was in the circle, not Sasha (Sasha’s not in the comics). Aside from those details and a couple of f-bombs from Negan, the show and comic nearly paralleled each other shot-for-shot:

The climactic death scene broke the comics into two parts. First, the Abraham death took Negan’s “Taking it like a champ” line while Glenn’s death used the rest where he lifts his head and tries calling out to Maggie:







Note: Glenn’s final words in the comics are “Maggie!” while in the show it’s “Maggie…I will find you.” Also, since Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics he (or anyone else) didn’t leap up and attack Negan.

2. Rick’s Threat

In both the comic and show Rick had the audacity to threaten to kill Negan as retaliation. What happens afterward is when we begin to deviate…


In the SHOW Negan brags about Simon being his right-hand man, takes his axe, and drags him to the RV. In the COMICS Negan beats Rick for threatening to kill him and asserts his authority to break him down:


Although Negan slaps Rick around in the show and holds onto his chin you’ll notice the dialogue varies. During the episode Negan elongates Rick’s mental beatdown and makes him carry out cruel tasks. Speaking of…

3. That RV Scene Didn’t Happen In the Comics

Sorry guys, that mind-f**k of a mini-road trip Negan took Rick on didn’t go down in the comics. There was no axe fetching or PTSD flashbacks on the roof. HOWEVER, some of the dialogue Negan uses on that trip WAS pulled from the comics, just placed out of sequence.

For example, in both the comic and show Negan DOES tell Rick his best chance at killing him is grabbing an axe and driving it into his face. IN THE COMIC Negan says this, threatens to have his men do horrible things to Carl, slaps Rick around, and THEN reminds him how tough it will be to no longer be in charge. In summary, the show added scenes to REALLY break Rick down so he becomes subservient to Negan.




The dialogue above stayed mostly true…Negan informs Rick he’s no longer king sh*t and that from now on he works for Negan.

4. Neither Did the Carl Hand Scene

In the comics Negan did NOT almost force Rick to cut his own son’s arm off. As we mentioned he did threaten his men could have their way with Carl, but this game is new in the show. Negan’s arrival in Issue #100 was jarring, but short. The show took more creative freedom to illustrate how cruel Negan could be and how high the stakes are now with him.



5. But This Negan Speech Did Happen

We’re finally back to the show and comic paralleling each other; for the cherry on top in both scenarios Negan reminds Rick’s group one last time they belong to him and if they choose to rebel, they’ll all end up like Glenn.




6. Also, Maggie Fought Rick In The Comics

In the comics Maggie treats the aftermath VERY differently than the show. Right after Negan and the Saviors leave she punches Rick in the face for allowing Glenn to die. “You let this happen!” she screams. Carl holds a gun to her to make her stop, Sophia (who’s still alive in the comics and treats Maggie like her mother) bites Carl and the two wrestle on the ground. They eventually make up and the group heads to The Hilltop together.

In the show, Maggie does NOT fight Rick but instead tells the group to prepare to fight and plans to finish her journey to The Hilltop with Sasha (and Glenn & Abe’s bodies). Rick takes the RV and heads back to Alexandria.



Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 2.00.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 2.02.53 PM

7. Sorry, No Dreamy Meal Scene

Finally, the show ended on a somber note of what could have been. We see a few years into a hypothetical future where Glenn and Abe are still alive, Glenn & Maggie’s kid is a toddler, and everyone (including Morgan and Carol) are enjoying a nice dinner together. Did any of that happen in the comics? Nope.


What did YOU think The Walking Dead SHOW got right? Do you think they stayed true enough to the comics or are you glad they deviated a little? Tell us in the comments below!