Need something new to get into that’s not on Netflix? Look no further than The Walking Dead comics! Not a fan of comics or reading? Do you think since you’ve seen the show the comics will be repetitive or spoilery?? THINK AGAIN. We’ve laid out 8 simple reasons why The Walking Dead comics should be YOUR new obsession. To convince you even further we’ve asked our Twitter fans to back us up. Let’s do this:

1. The Comics Are Drastically Different From The Show


A badass Andrea, an alive Sophia, and a handless Rick? That doesn’t sound like the show at all! The Walking Dead comics have deviated storylines a LOT. In fact, the majority of Season 6 so far (which included Rick’s plan to drive the walkers away, Morgan’s insane backstory with Eastman, Glenn’s fake out, and the Wolves massacre) are nowhere to be found in the comics. So even though both series converge with locales the JOURNEY getting there is disparate. (Also Carl is 100 times better in the comics). Our comic fans on Twitter agree:

2. Andrea’s Alive…And She’s Totally Awesome


WE KNOW…a lot of you didn’t care for show Andrea (no offense to Laurie Holden). In the comics, not only is Andrea still alive…but she’s a TOTAL badass. She basically inhabits a version of Sasha…it began in Episode 507 when Sasha was given a sniper rifle to guard the Grady cops. It continued when she became the Alexandrian watch tower look out in Episode 513…which is ANOTHER role that Andrea played in the comics. More notably comic Andrea is Rick’s love interest (Carl literally calls her Mom) and they’re AMAZING together. We know it’s hard to believe, but comic Andrea is one of the toughest women in the show. She’s nothing like this:


We asked our fans what they like more about the comic than the show and here’s what they said:

3. Cursing!


As wonderfully graphic as the show is, it DOES adhere to AMC guidelines. In fact, we’re STILL unsure how they’ll handle upcoming villain Negan’s colorful vernacular in future seasons. But in the comics…everyone from Rick to Michonne to Maggie all curse! And let’s be honest, if you’re in a zombie apocalypse you’re going to let f bombs drop like Kid Cudi’s rap career. We’re not alone in this:

4. Charlie Adlard’s Art


Charlie Adlard’s art makes it easy for fans to feel like they’re a part of the zombie apocalypse. His illustrations hold nothing back…the world he shows us is brutal and unforgiving. The suspense and emotion jump off the page and may be the best reason to dive into the comics. Here’s what his fans had to say:

5. More Backstory & Character Depth (AND Less Farm!)


Wouldn’t you have loved to see a Michonne/Tyreese romance? What about a story where they don’t have to constantly worry about a baby? The comic (now up to 150 issues) digs DEEP into character relationships, backstories, and story depth. A lot of questions you have for the show are answered in the comics! Think of it as an exciting encyclopedia into your favorite characters. Here’s some fans who agree:

6. More Gut-Punching


Believe it or not, The Walking Dead comics are WAY more brutal than the show. Specifically, moments involving Lori, Negan, and spiked heads come out of NOWHERE and perpetuate a feeling that no one is safe. That kind of unpredictability makes every page turn exciting (and nerve-wracking) than almost any other comic you’ll read. Just let the fans explain:

7. Robert Kirkman’s Writing


Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman writes every.single.issue. The writing never falters and is the MAIN reason you should start reading the series. In fact, you’re unknowingly already familiar with his writing! Here are some of the most iconic episodes he’s penned:


Here’s why our fans love his writing:



It’s impossible to limit the reasons to read The Walking Dead comics to just 8. So here are some more unique answers that might help sway you.

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