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Despite the insanity that preceded this Sunday’s Mid-Season Premiere, the best Season 6 episodes might still be upon us. At least according to star Andrew Lincoln, who claims the rest of the season will be the most “shocking” and “brilliant” yet. He recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross to reveal why he’s excited for the upcoming episodes: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How would you describe th… Read More >

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…ore, the series explores how the living are changed by the overwhelming realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. They themselves have become the walking dead. 6 Episodes13 Episodes16 Episodes16 Episodes16 Episodes16 Episodes16 EpisodesRead More >

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Who is the protagonist of The Walking Dead show? It might seem like an easy answer. Obviously it’s Rick Grimes, the leader of the group, our eyes and ears since we met him in Days Gone Bye. But since Season 3, The Walking Dead has been veering away from Rick, pushing him toward the background. Episodes of The Walking Dead often have multiple narratives running through them. Most memorable, perhaps, is the skilled weaving in Season 3, where Andre… Read More >

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Now that The Walking Dead season 5 has come to an end, we’ve had some time to reflect on the season as a whole. Through a very scientific calculation of IMDb’s episode rankings, fan opinions, and our personal favorites, we’ve ranked the Top 5 Episodes from the fifth season below: #5 – Coda (508) IMDb rating: 8.9 It’s the episode the entire first half of Season 5 is building to. It opens with some great action (car chases!?) followed by an… Read More >

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…l exploration, and doesn’t bother with puzzles. Contextually, this is a human episode, so there’s little room for the more involved “play” aspects of this adventure game. Despite having less interactive portions than previous episodes, In Harms Way has tension, discomfort, and character development that’s among the best of them.” “Sometimes, I made choices in hopes that I could stop that from happening. I put others before myself, and that got a… Read More >

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…punch-drunk off all the awards they’ve won that they’re offering discounts for a limited time on almost every platform. Here are the details: iOS – App Store Monday, March 25th – Wednesday, April 10th Episodes 2-5: 40% off, $2.99 each Multi-Pack [Ep2-5 Bundle]: over 30% off, $9.99 for the pack Xbox LIVE Marketplace Tuesday March 26 – Monday April 1st Episode 1: FREE Episodes 2-5: 50% off each episode PSN – SC… Read More >

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…, “No no no! You’re not getting that piece that’s in my head.” And so for Scott to step up and write this episode, even with his busy schedule, was really a great thing. Everybody knows that Scott has written some of the best episodes for the show, so anytime he says he wants take one I think everybody’s happy. TWD: With Ben in the comics and Lizzie in the show, are their actions some kind of coping mechanism, or were they this messed up before t… Read More >

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…emiere: 01/02 2PM (and 10PM) Episode 508: Coda, Season 5 First Half Finale: 01/02 9PM (and 01/03 5AM) And then immediately following “Coda” AMC repeats the entire fifth season. They’re also re-airing certain episodes mid-marathon (every morning from 6AM-9AM they run paid programming and when they return they repeat a handful of episodes that they had just shown before the paid programming), so hit up their schedule to check for… Read More >

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It is Season Finale time and you know what that means: time for another chat with the boss, Robert Kirkman! Keep reading for all kinds of stuff, not just on this episode but Season 4 as a whole. What was the thought behind visiting the time period before Season 4, in the series of flashbacks with Hershel? Will we be lucky enough to see more Scott Wilson in upcoming episodes or do you think that kind of wraps up that period o… Read More >

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