If we set our way-back machine to 2011 Comic-Con International, Robert mentioned a new one-off from him and Charlie called “The Passenger,” a full-color science fiction hardcover graphic novel in the European tradition. Originally slated for 2012, it’s managed to slip just a bit. The Walking Dead is kind of a phenomenon, so I guess it’s understandable that Charlie and Robert have been busy. The good news is that a ton of progress has been made and Charlie recently talked to CBR about it.

Hit this link to read what Charlie has to say about The Passenger (as well as what else Charlie has going on, how he feels about The Walking Dead TV show, and how he deals with Robert’s brutal writing). If you’re not up-to-date on the Walking Dead (meaning: past the prison) don’t read once they start asking Charlie about The Walking Dead about halfway down.

We’re going to have more to say about The Passenger soon, for now we’re keeping quiet on the official front. MYSTERIOUS!

PS: Charlie really is the nicest guy in the world.