With over 120 teams competing in the All Out War Game Jam, it was a difficult task to narrow it down to just 10 finalists. We decided there were several games that didn’t quite make the cut but deserved recognition, and so now the honorable mentions are available to play online!

Check back as we’ll be announcing the grand prize winner, picked by Robert Kirkman himself, on December 2nd!


To play, make sure you have the latest Unity WebPlayer to run them. Download it here.

Honorable Mentions

War of the Words
War of the Words
Enter debates using argument philosophy bullets in this well-articulated and extremely original concept from Haephestus Studios. We chose to honor this game, due to its ingenious high concept we’d love to see fleshed out as a full game.HYPERBOLE GRENADE!
Need for Feed
Take part in a war on your diet across a buffet of levels from team Binko and Bonko.This game has an amazing sense of style and personality. Check it out!
Keiron in the Dark
Keiron In The Dark
Keiron is a child who is alone in the dark, in this succinct piece from Poncy Coffee Collective.The game has a well-realized atmosphere and story concept you’ll need to beat this short game to see.
Tiger Vs Zombies
You are a tiger, in this uncompromising onslaught against the undead, lovingly developed by L.A-based team, ‘The Herd’.We chose to honor TVZ, because it successfully captured the most perfect sense of fun.
Capitalist Invaders
A statement about capitalism through the killing of aggressive money-spewing robots in this 1st Person shooter/combat game from Pixel Comrades.This game has well-realized personality and fantastic production values you’ll have to play to beleive!
Dog in a Mech
Dog In a Mech
A brave dog’s quest to win the war, through figuring out what the buttons do in an abandoned, military grade mech robot. Built by Unicorn Game Collective.A hilarious concept with fun execution!
Vanguard is flat out hell in space. War and chaos collide in this game from Obscure Fish.Conceptually, it captures the sense of a literal ‘all out war’ perfectly. Check it out!
A territorial tug o’ war from the team Kingdom of Dunftopia.It’s such a fun game and addresses the concept of All Out War creatively! Definitely an enjoyable game, give it a play!
The Bickering!
The Bickering
The worst kind of soap opera, amidst a zombie apocalypse, as realized by The Grateful Zed.This game really stuck out to us due to its complex ideas about relationships and its ability to tackle personality conflicts.