At a press conference in Singapore, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus shared some tidbits about the season’s upcoming return. Here is an excerpt from Yahoo’s coverage:

The show will go on – with or without him.

So says British actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays leading protagonist Sheriff Rick Grimes in the massively popular TV series The Walking Dead.

The 40-year-old believes his character’s death is bound to happen at some point – and that both he and the show would be okay with it.

“I’ve always maintained that if and when I die, which is an inevitability in the show… as long as it pushes the story on, I’ll go with it,” said the likeable British star at a media conference in Singapore on Monday.

Lincoln and fellow star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, were in town to promote the show  – currently on a break midway through its fourth season – which has become a global phenomenon.

Part of the show’s secret sauce is its knack for killing off characters at crucial junctures – but Lincoln is hoping for Grimes to stick around a fair bit longer, and hinted that the second half of the season will provide answers as to why.

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