Over the weekend I had our Twitter followers complete the following:
“I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because ______”

Here are my ten favorites, in alphabetical order:

cheman716: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because Andrea and Dale are a better love story than Rick and Lori
BH: Well, fair enough. You know this game isn’t like, a Japanese romance simulator or anything, right?

domeshaker: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because I just bedazzled my eyepatch.
BH: You gotta rock the rhinestones. Even in an apocalypse.

lmnbeoch: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because I need something to do while I’m taking a dump.
BH: Crass. And probably my favorite reply.

keithknightmare: I want #thewalkingdeadassault because Michonne stole my arms.

mz9788: I want to win #TheWalkingDeadAssault because I never win stuff….things.
BH: Stuff. Thangs. And now I have Rick’s voice stuck in my head.

pi9zilla: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because, someday, they’ll release chapter 2…right?
BH: YES! We will. It’s being worked on. We apologize for the delay.

Pride_FC_Stomp: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because I spent all my $$$ on counselling after the trauma I went through playing the @telltalegames TWD game!
BH: Therapy. The mark of a great game.

silentJGray: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault I’m stuck @ Grans; she’s making me watch realityTV. Must Bash Heads In. Help @TheWalkingDead
BH: I’m a sucker for people calling their grandmother “gran.”

tanyamccarte: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because my 39 yr old husband and 7 yr old son are having temper tantrums..hurry PLEASE!! lol
BH: Men. Am I right?

WriterShaun: I want #TheWalkingDeadAssault because I like it better than TheWalkingDeadAPepper
BH: Oh my god. That pun is AWFUL. Like, really, really awful. Which makes me love it that much more.

Good work, team! I’ll DM everyone their download codes. Hopefully you’re following us. I also give our winners follows. At least until they get on my nerves.