Even dark zombie dramas spurn catch phrases, and The Walking Dead certainly has some unique ones evolve over the last four season. Wetpaint’s even written an article called The Walking Dead Glossary: All the “Stuff and Things” You Should Say. We’ve picked our favorite phrases below, but check out the full list HERE!

Full Shane — You never want to go Full Shane. It’s too far. When the zombie apocalypse pushes you to the psychopathic edge, you’ve gone Full Shane. Carl went Full Shane. Lizzie went Full Shane. Never go Full Shane.

Look at the Flowers — When Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) started to lose it, Mika (Kyla Kenedy) told her to look at the flowers to calm down. It’s what Carol told Lizzie to do right before she shot the kid in Season 4, Episode 14. Now “look at the flowers” is a death threat. If someone pisses you off, tell them to look at the flowers. When you’re worried a character will die, you fear they may have to look at the flowers.

Ricktator — When Rick made his speech in the Season 2 finale about this no longer being a democracy, he was declared The Ricktator. Any time Rick gets into beast mode, he’s often referred to as Ricktator, as opposed to Farmer Rick. Some fans also give Carl his own version of this, called Carlmunism.

Stuff and Things — What Rick was busy doing when Lori wanted to talk. What you say you’re doing when someone you don’t want to talk to tries to drag you into their drama, or just a general term for random stuff. Pronounced “thangs” with a heavy Southern accent, no matter where you are from.