Rosita hasn’t had the most screen time on AMC’s The Walking Dead, but Christian Serratos has done an awesome job with the little time she’s been given. And if the show follows the comics, she should have some really great stuff coming up. AMC recently caught up with her to talk about the character. Some excerpts:

AMC: You look so much like your comic character! What’s been fans’ reaction to you? Have you gotten used to it?
CS: If I’m at Target and someone says “Rosita” when talking to a family member, I instinctively turn. The fans’ reaction has been cool. I think everyone likes me? [Laughs] That’s all I can really hope for. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

AMC: What’s the biggest difference between you and her?
CS: She’s remarkably brave. What I love about her is that she’s definitely a capable woman and is capable of taking care of herself. If she was alone in the apocalypse, she would manage very well and would be just fine. We had a city-wide blackout and I panicked and ran to Steven Yeun’s apartment for help, so she has a leg up on me when it comes to bravery. [Laughs]

AMC: You’ve talked to Scott Gimple about Rosita’s back story. What was she doing before she met up with the group?
CS: I know what her family situation might have been. What I was told is that she came from a family of just men. She might have lost her mother and grew up with a bunch of brothers. I think that’s where she gets a lot of her knowledge, strength and capability. I think Abraham sees an equal in her. What you look for in a partner now is exponentially different from what it was when the world was normal. He sees that she is capable and strong and that’s attractive to him. The fact that she’s so willing and interested in helping his mission probably attracts him more.

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