The Walking Dead’s Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth talked with AMC’s blog about portraying The Governor’s wife and some Easter eggs from Season 4. Check out her interview below:

Q: After four seasons of The Walking Dead, what aspects of production still manage to surprise you?

A: That it never gets easier! [Laughs] You’d think it’d become routine at a certain point — and it doesn’t — it just gets bigger and harder. It’s great and it makes the show fun. It always feels like a new challenge and not just another day on The Walking Dead.

Q: How is the location scouting going? Can you tell us about any new locations for this season?

A: We’re out of the prison and we’re on the road; and we will see a little more of Terminus. The [survivors] don’t have a space to get back to, like the prison, so this year will be really brand new, which is exciting.


Q: We saw a photo of you as The Governor’s wife during Seasons 3 and 4. Did anyone actually recognize you?

A: I do meet people who love the show and slide in the fact that I’m the Governor’s dead wife. They always want to go back and watch the episode to see the picture. It’s the best cameo because I didn’t have to do any acting, plus Greg [Nicotero] can’t make me into a zombie because she died a year before the apocalypse happened. David Morrissey (The Governor) used to always tease me because he was this normal, nice guy and then I died and he went crazy. So, apparently it’s my fault that The Governor even existed.

Q: Any other buried Easter eggs from last season that we might have missed? Will there be any this season?

A: When Daryl was in the country club last season, all those pictures of the club presidents were pictures of our crew. A lot of times when we need photos that have to be used, so we use people from the crew. There are always tiny things like that where we won’t highlight it too much — it’s more for the people who work on the show, but there will probably be a few this year.

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