Smart, tough and deadly accurate with most any firearm, Andrea is one of the original Atlanta survivors and a major contributor to their continued survival. She is brought to the Atlanta camp by Dale, who rescues her and her sister Amy after the sisters become stranded without fuel following the outbreak. She eventually establishes a relationship with Dale despite their age difference.

During her time at the camp, Andrea struggles to find a role for herself amongst the survivors. Later, at the farm, she begins to discover a latent proficiency with firearms, and with practice becomes an adept sniper. She is able to develop and employ these skills repeatedly. Her accuracy with a rifle is unparalleled, and when a threat appears, whether zombie or human, Andrea is the person the group wants hidden away on a sniper perch somewhere. Many, many enemies have fallen to a single, well-placed shot.

Andrea knows where her talents lie and isn’t afraid to make use of them. She often finds it difficult to connect with her fellow survivors, but is never reluctant to protect them, often risking her own life to do so. She is most happy when she has a pile of ammo, an advantageous hiding spot and a lot of enemies to shoot. Bam!