A stoic, enigmatic and impossibly strong woman, Michonne is one of the most dynamic and indispensable allies Rick and the survivors encounter on their journeys. A former lawyer and mother, not much is known about Michonne’s past other than the fact that, like many of the survivors, Michonne lost her loved ones following the outbreak. The group encounters Michonne after taking up residence at the prison, quickly learning that the woman is a pure survivalist—and wicked deadly with her weapon of choice, a Japanese katana. She demonstrates unique innovation amongst the survivors, using two leashed and mutilated walkers as a deterrent to other zombies. It’s a cold, vicious strategy that few would conceive of, much less go through with.

Michonne’s fury is both her greatest asset and her greatest weakness. It allows her to survive situations where most others would fail, but at times it also brings harm to herself and the group, although in the end they are usually better served than not by her wrath and skills with her blade.