Strong, dependable, and a spectacular fighter, Tyreese joins the survivors shortly after they begin their migration away from Atlanta. His street-smarts and sense of loyalty quickly earn him a role as Rick’s right hand man, and he greatly assists in lifting the group’s spirits after their trials in Atlanta.

He does well helping the group adapt to life at the farm, where he reveals a former career as a professional football player. But his true skills lie in skirmish fighting, and he is best able to benefit his fellow survivors when they find the prison. Tyreese demonstrates a remarkable ability in clearing the prison yard and building of walkers, often showing almost superhuman prowess.

Unfortunately, several tragedies reveal Tyreese’s anger to be as much a liability as an asset. He often demonstrates reckless behavior when angry, placing himself and others in danger. This negatively affects his friendship with Rick, ultimately leading to a physical confrontation and a falling out between the two.