It sounds like Danai Gurira is just as much of a badass as her onscreen counterpart Michonne in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Gurira talks women at war, accurate African characters, and her first foray into the comics.

A fun snippet from the aforementioned article:

Over lunch, Gurira shows me photos on her iPhone of fan tributes to Michonne: “This is someone who I guess created a ‘Single Ladies’ thing out of me and my zombies. It’s hilarious.” There are viewer-made T-shirts for an imaginary Michonne self-defense school, and a creepy homemade version of something gross her character does in the show: spell out go back in zombie body parts. “Then this is the fan who tattooed me on his shin. That was a little scary … I’m like, ‘Guys, if I go missing …’ ”

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