The Walking Dead Executive Producer Tom Luse recently sat down with AMC to talk Season 6, filming in Alexandria, and which character he’s surprised by the most.

AMC: What’s been the most challenging thing about production for Season 6 this far? How have you been dealing with it?

TL: I do think that for Season 6, we are challenging ourselves to make the show, in many ways, more ambitious than we ever have before. We have scenes with amazingly huge numbers of zombies, we have new locations, and we have very ambitious stunts and effects that are challenging all of our departments. On all levels, we are going for it, but we’re going to pull it off – at least I hope we are!

AMC: Which character arc/evolution has surprised you the most?

TL: Carol has had the most dramatic changes because of what she started off as – a wife of an abusive husband. She went through some very difficult times and has emerged as someone who is incredibly protective of her crew. She’s become an incredibly compelling character.

AMC: What kind of new locations will we get to see this season? Anything directly from the comics that fans will recognize?

TL: There are several things this season that fans will recognize from the comic, but I can’t tell you because my head will be cut off.

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