Reviews have been pouring in for Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 3, and once again the feedback is insanely positive. See what everyone is saying about the #WarmPuffyRainbows in Episode 3, “In Harm’s Way.”

10 out of 10 Machinima

“Holy crap.”

“I should probably end the review there, because that’s all I kept saying”

 9/10 IGN

“Clementine and company’s overnight escape plans put everyone at risk, and the way In Harm’s Way builds to its devastating climax had me anxious and uncomfortable in all the right ways.”

“Empathy is the greatest success of In Harm’s Way. It focuses on people, features very little environmental exploration, and doesn’t bother with puzzles. Contextually, this is a human episode, so there’s little room for the more involved “play” aspects of this adventure game. Despite having less interactive portions than previous episodes, In Harms Way has tension, discomfort, and character development that’s among the best of them.”

“Sometimes, I made choices in hopes that I could stop that from happening. I put others before myself, and that got a lot of us hurt, Clementine included. Maybe these were the wrong choices. I don’t know. I’d rather not think about it — but I can’t stop.”

9/10 OXM

“In Harm’s Way cranks things up a notch and then some. This is tense, unforgiving and utterly brutal stuff – Telltale at its finest and a breathless reminder of what makes this series so brilliant and unique”

9.8/10 Cheat Code Central

“The episodes truly do feel like they are getting better and better with each passing one. Let’s hope that Telltale can keep up this string of hits right up to the conclusion of the series. Only two episodes left now!”

9/10 Joystiq

“It ends on a cliffhanger—as these episodes generally do—but the final moment offers players a stark choice that is sure to have direct consequences in the following episode. There are two episodes left now, and while it’s clear that Clementine can handle whatever is thrown at her, it’s harder to say if the rest of us can.”

8.5/10 Polygon

“Telltale has done a masterful job building up a force to be reckoned with over the last two episodes, but keeping that heat climbing now that he’s a physical presence is another feat altogether.”

“Telltale doesn’t miss a beat. The best and most painful moments of “In Harm’s Way” focus on the antagonist’s interactions with the survivors — specifically the myriad ways he finds to hurt them, physically and emotionally. Every scene made me hate him more, and that hatred gave this episode an unprecedented momentum. I felt pushed to get everyone out of this situation as quickly as possible before more damage was done.”

8.5/10 Game Informer

“These instinctual choices—like finding the right words to say to someone in the middle of chaos—made me feel like my wits for survival were being tested.”

“Telltale masterfully continues making you choose between two undesirable outcomes, always leaving you with some regret and guilt no matter what you pick.”

“I felt emotionally drained and dejected after finishing this episode—but what’s so fascinating is never once did I want to stop playing. I want to see Clementine win. This connection and hope is something that Telltale has excellently crafted, and it speaks volumes about why the increasingly disturbing subject matter hasn’t been alienating. I’ve come to expect violent deaths and deranged scenarios, but even so, Episode 3 left me aghast. However, I’m still hopeful for Clementine’s future, and that says something.”

8.5/10 Destructoid

“It’s amazing that Telltale can keep it going yet again.”

“Episode three was probably my favorite from season one of The Walking Dead—so far, I’m feeling the same way about In Harm’s Way. Based on the preview the next tale seems to be a buffer of sorts before an explosive end, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Clementine’s journey ends. You hooked me yet again, Telltale.”

8/10 PC Gamer

“….ending with a violent cliffhanger to tease what’s coming next. I’m left wondering, again, how dark this story can get.”

9/10 GodisaGeek

“I felt a murderous, brutal rage toward him that I don’t think I’ve ever felt towards a video game character before.”

“It will make you care again, it will make you angry and sad in equal measures, it will remind you that nobody is safe in this universe, but best of all it recaptures The Walking Dead’s brilliance. I cannot wait for the next episode.”