I think everyone really liked last week’s episode, which is awesome, because I think it’s one of the better episodes of the season, if not entire show. I can’t imagine Daryl fans weren’t stoked on it. It was a good mix of action and emotional beats and paced really well.

So after last week’s attack by the Governor, Merle and Daryl are back at the prison. Everyone seems to favor running except Rick, Glenn, and Daryl. Hershel gives Rick the business, asking him to snap out of it and do something. Rick goes outside to watch the fences. He sees (hallucinates?) something move out by the trees. Carl comes outside to tell him he should maybe let Daryl and Hershel lead so he can rest. We get a shot of the overrun prison yard and then credits.

At Woodbury the Governor is taking stock of his army with Milton. Thirty-five men and women, aged 13 and up. That’s what Rick’s group will have to deal with. Training is to commence as soon as possible. Andrea comes in during the discussion. She’s learned that something went down at the prison and is not pleased. The Governor says he had to go to make peace, and that Rick’s group opened fire on him. When Andrea says that wants to go see her friends, the Governor tells her that if she goes there, she can stay there.

Back at the prison, Glenn is uncomfortable with Merle living there. He wonders if maybe they could offer Merle to the Governor as a peace offering. Hershel goes to Merle to feel him out. They swap bible verse before Merle goes into what, exactly, the Governor will do to everyone at the prison. Suffice it to say, it’s not a pretty scenario.

Meanwhile, the Governor is taking a look at the newest recruits. It’s not exactly SEAL Team 6. That being said, the Governor does turn away an arthritic grandmother. He does play the nice guy in public very well.

Carol and Daryl discuss life in the prison, and Carol tries to make Daryl see that he doesn’t have to let Merle bring him down.

Not one to do what someone tells her, Andrea starts looking for a way out of Woodbury to see her friends. She enlists the help of Milton, who we all know is a great liar and loves being involved in clandestine operations. Milton immediately goes to the Governor (who’s looking at his nasty eye in the mirror) and tells him. The Governor instructs him to help her. Curious…

Milton and Andrea leave the perimeter and go walker hunting. They tackle a lone walker and cut his arms off below the elbow, and then put his open mouth on a rock andohmygodi’mgoingtopuke. Andrea stomps his jaw off and I pretty much black out. I have a strong stomach but the old curb-stomp gets me every time. That sound of tooth on rock? It is the worst.

The sound of my wretching draws in other walkers, and as one approaches Andrea and Milton, Tyreese and his group show up. Tyreese delivers a hatchet to the head of the walker.

Back at the prison, Michonne is doing some P90X when Merle walks in. He says he wants to put the past behind them and that him hunting her down was just business. “Like the gestapo?” “Yeah, exactly!” Merle is a charmer.

Andrea and Milton explain to Tyreese’s group what a walker pet is for, because, well, it’s pretty crazy looking, and then let them know about Woodbury. Milton offers to take them back to meet the Governor and Andrea heads out for the prison.

When she gets there, for a minute it almost looks like Rick isn’t going to open the gate for her. Ultimately, he does, but the reception is not a warm one. Carol’s happy to see her, that’s about it. She asks where Shane is. And Lori. AWKWARD. She tries to express sympathy to both Carl and Rick, who give her the stink eye like no one’s business.

After everyone expresses some degree of disdain for Andrea’s actions, she turns on Michonne. “What have you told them?!” “Nothing.” Great opportunity to bring up the aquariums full of decapitated heads, Michonne. Andrea says they can all come back with her to Woodbury, but Merle points out that that is definitely not the case.

Michonne and Andrea talk outside where for the second time Andrea again accuses Michonne of “poisoning” the group. Again, another great time to bring up how crazy the Governor is. Instead Michonne lets Andrea know how pissed she is that Andrea didn’t leave with her.

At Woodbury, Tyreese’s group is welcomed by the Governor. He tells them that if they choose to leave, they shouldn’t head north because of the dangerous group at the prison. Obviously they know who he’s talking about, and share their encounter with him, including Rick’s outburst. The Governor is very interested in any knowledge they have of the inside of the prison.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Carol are visiting Judith. Carol tells Andrea what happened between Rick and Shane, and what happened to Lori. She then tells Andrea that she should give the Governor the night of his life and then kill him in his sleep. “You can end this.”

They give Andrea a car (I should point out that the “nice guy” Governor wouldn’t give her a car) and before she heads off Rick hands Andrea a knife and her gun and tells her to be careful.

Andrea gets back to Woodbury and tells the Governor pretty much everything she shouldn’t—namely that Michonne, Merle, and Rick are all there. The Governor hugs her and they kiss. He’s obviously glad she came back.

At the prison, Beth sings Tom Waits’ “Hold On” while Daryl, Hershel, and Rick discuss Andrea’s visit. Rick seems surprisingly understanding saying “she’s in a jam.” Rick’s plan is to match the Governor in the aggression race. He’s going on a run in the morning, and taking Michonne and Carl, who he deems “ready.” He asks Daryl to stay behind, hold down the fort, and watch his brother.

As Carl looks out on the overrun prison, the actual Tom Waits version of “Hold On” starts to play. We transition to Andrea lying next to the Governor. She gets out of bed and gets her knife. She stands over the Governor, armed and naked. Ultimately she doesn’t go through with it. She turns to the window and the show ends.

Discussion Points:

ANDREA! What?! I’m pumped she was even considering killing the Governor. Does she know more than we think she does?

Does Andrea considering murdering the Governor redeem her at all?

TYREESE!! What are you doing?! Was Rick THAT mean to you? You’re on the wrong side dude.

The Governor’s army might be, uh, a little on the sad side, but he does have numbers. How worried should our crew be?

Carol: Secret badass?

Rick/Michonne/Carl team building exercise. I’m looking forward to Michonne proving her worth to Rick. I hope. Or at least slicing a lot of heads in half.

Who deserves to kill the Governor the most? Andrea? Glenn? Merle? Michonne? Rick?