After last week’s tense meeting episode, we get right into some of the immediate fallout this week, namely it’s affect on Andrea and Milton.

We open on a flashback scene of Andrea and Michonne in the wintertime. Andrea asks Michonne about her “pets,” about whether she knew them before. Michonne gives her a pained look and doesn’t answer. All she say is “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”

In current times the Governor is readying some chains for Michonne and looking almost orgasmic doing so.


After the credits, we see Martinez and his crew stocking a Jeep for a full attack. Milton asks about it and then Andrea asks about it. Milton says he’s sure it’s just a “precaution.” He then goes to check on the Governor and sees him laying out more tools for Michonne’s arrival. Milton questions how it’s good for Woodbury, why Michonne matters in the grand scheme of things. The Governor says that his daughter was still alive in there and that “it’s all that matters.”

Not entirely satisfied with this answer, Milton goes to Andrea and tells her about the deal for Michonne and that the Governor is going to kill all of Rick’s group. He then takes her to a room that looks down onto the Governor’s torture chamber. Andrea is fairly shocked. Milton wants her to get to the prison and evacuate them. She wants to kill the Governor instead. When the Governor walks into the torture room she pulls her pistol and wants to do kill him right there but Milton stops her. The Governor whistles a little melody to test a tape recorder he’s going to use.


Back in Andrea’s apartment, Andrea questions how Milton could still be loyal to the Governor. He argues that killing the Governor won’t accomplish anything, that Martinez will just step up and carry out the slaughter against the prison anyway. Milton also believes that there’s still the good person the Governor used to be inside him.

When Andrea leaves, Martinez stops her and says that the Governor is requisitioning all guns and ammo and insists on taking her gun. The Governor shows up and says he kept all the prep from her to keep her safe. She says she just wants to help and the Governor asks her to be there when Rick shows up in case he tries anything. I like watching them both lie to each other.

Over on the other side of town, Sasha and Tyreese are on guard duty and Sasha’s helping Tyreese learn to shoot. He’s a slow study, but it’s nice to see Tyreese and Sasha have some fun.


Andrea shows up and tries to get Tyreese and Sasha to leave their post so she can sneak out. When they don’t fall for it, she makes a beeline anyway. Tyreese grabs her and she pulls a knife on him. Andrea tells them that the Governor is not who he seems to be and that he’s done horrible things. Ultimately they let her go.

When Tyreese and Sasha meet up with the Governor he tells them that Andrea isn’t stable and that she went through a lot before Woodbury. He then switches gears and asks them what she said exactly. Tyreese doesn’t say much, but he says he hopes he didn’t complicate things. Who’s side are you on Tyreese?!

The Governor walks out and runs into Milton. He tells Milton that he’s going after Andrea. Milton asks him to let her go. The Governor gets him to confess that he told her pretty much everything. Classic Milton. Governor, not pleased.


Martinez tells Tyreese and his sister to get ready to go. Allen walks up and chastises Tyreese for letting Andrea go. He wants Tyreese to fall in line. It’s revealed that there’s tension between the two of them over a time Tyreese saved Allen’s wife’s life. Allen’s harbored some pretty serious jealousy ever since. Tyreese does his best to squash it, but Allen seems like kind of a nit wit.

Andrea’s jogging to the Prison when she hears a truck approaching so she runs for safety in the woods, apparently forgetting she’s in a zombie apocalypse. Walkers swarm her pretty fast. She’s able to fight them off with her knife though (Andrea’s gotten really good at close quarters walker killing).


While Andrea continues on, Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben arrive at their destination with Martinez and his guys. It’s a walker trap. Wind-operated tubes spin and make a howling sound that bring in the walkers who fall into pits. That’s pretty brilliant. When Tyreese learns that they’re going to use the walkers to attack the prisoners he wants nothing to do with it or Woodbury. Allen, on the other hand, is definitely down to murder prisoners. The two of them fight. Tyreese is close to pushing Allen down into the walker pit but decides to let him go.

Back to Andrea who’s cutting across a field when the Governor shows up. He tries to run her down with his truck but she manages to get to the tree line. As night falls she finds some derelict buildings and gets inside just as the Governor arrives. Pretty sure he might be psychic—dude finds her everywhere.

The Governor comes into the building and the two of them play high stakes cat-and-mouse. The Governor starts creepily whistling his tune/lullaby while Andrea runs farther inside, fighting off walkers she comes across. The Governor softly calls for her to come back because they need her. He sounds about as far from sincere as possible.

The Governor starts smashing out windows with a shovel, and banging it on old equipment, occasionally whistling. He’s gone full horror movie killer. Andrea eventually gets to a stairwell that’s full of walkers. Just when it seems like she’s cornered, she opens the stairwell door and uses it to shield herself from the walkers while simultaneously unleashing them on the Governor. The Governor kills as many as possibly until his ammo runs out. He screams and starts hitting walkers as Andrea leaves.


At the walker pit, a bunch of walkers are loaded in a horse trailer and ready to go. Someone (we don’t see who) shows up and burns them, along with all the walkers in the pit.

As morning breaks, Andrea finally makes it to the prison. Relief washes over her and she’s about to signal to Rick when out of no where the Governor tackles her. Rick thinks he sees something but when he double checks there’s nothing.

The Governor rolls back into town and sees Martinez. He only rolls down his window halfway and tells Martinez that Andrea got away. When Martinez tells the Governor that their biters were torched and that Tyreese and Sasha were giving him trouble the Governor tells him to get Tyreese and his crew for him.

When the Governor confronts Tyreese he tells them that the walkers are just for show, to scare Rick’s group. It’s like the flimsiest excuse ever. Tyreese ultimately apologizes and says he won’t act up again. Not sure if I buy it or not, I hope he’s too smart to fall for these lies. The Governor tries to trick Tyreese into admitting that he burned the walkers, but Tyreese has no idea what he’s talking about.

The Governor runs into Milton who says it’s a shame about the pits. The Governor eyes Milton hard (the implication being both that Milton is the arsonist and the Governor knows) and then he goes to his torture room, where we see Andrea tied to the chair.



Wooow, how’s everyone feel about Andrea now? Any more sympathy for her? She’s trying to make the right choice and looks like she’s going to pay dearly for it…

What’s going on with Tyreese? You think he buys the Governor’s bullshit? I really hope not.

Those were some pretty choice zombie kills in the abandoned building, no?