Hey all, we’re back again! Disclaimer: this is kind of a fast and loose recap, so we can get to the discussion. It’s not 100% accurate to episode chronology. I’m trying to make these easier to read as a summary, and not just a play-by-play.

When last we saw our crew, we saw Patrick re-animating inside the prison, which is definitely NOT GOOD. This week begins with a whole other internal threat. Someone is drawing the walkers to the fences with tasty rat treats. Seems like a pretty horrible idea, no matter who you are.

We see more of the budding romance between Karen and Tyreese before all out havoc breaks loose in the prison. Patrick follows Karen out of the showers into one of the cell blocks. Before they’re able to contain the outbreak, a handful of people have died. A father of two from Woodbury is bitten and beyond help. He asks Carol to look after his daughters. He says goodbye and then Carol has to stab his brain. Before she can his daughter volunteers to do it. When she can’t, Carol carries out the stabbing.

Caleb takes a look at the dead walkers and they determine that they were killed by illness–pressure builds up in the lungs and sinuses and causes bleeding from eyes/nose/throat. Rick says he saw it on a walker before at the fences and Daryl noticed it on Patrick (so kudos to those of you that picked up on that). Caleb says it could be pneumococcal infection (bacterial) or an aggressive flu (viral). Rick mentions the pig that died and also the sick boar in the woods. Everyone that was in, or entered the cell block, need to be separated.

Earlier in the day Rick and Carl did some more chores around the prison farm. Carl argues to help clear the fences but Rick is set against it. He also wants his gun back. Also a no go. This is when Rick and Carl hear shots inside the prison (as does Michonne, who comes back from outside the gates). Rick goes inside while Carl and Maggie help Michonne get past the walkers at the gate (Carl doing some nice shooting).

The council convenes and discusses what needs to be done. They agree that the exposed persons need to be put in a different cell block. As they’re saying this Karen walks by coughing. They tell her and Tyreese that she’ll need to be quarantined.

Beth wraps Michonne’s ankle and they talk about taking risks for the people you care about. Michonne seems surprised and a little touched by the idea that these people care about her now. While Michonne works out, Beth sings to Judith, who responds by puking on Beth. Michonne tries to refuse holding Judith, but ultimately has to. As she looks at Judith she starts to cry and then holds her tight.

Carol talks to Carl about the knife-lesson. He says he hasn’t told his dad but doesn’t want to lie to him. Carol says that the council may not understand what she’s doing. She straight-up asks Carol not to say anything.

Outside, Daryl is burying the dead. When Rick joins him he tries to convince Rick to take charge he again, “Like I said, you earned [a break], but for what it’s worth, you see mistakes, I see when the shit hits, you’re standing there with the shovel.” Before they can talk about it more Maggie calls for help. The walkers are piling up against the fence and it’s collapsing.

To draw the walkers off, Rick takes the remaining pigs, hops in the back of a truck, trucks their legs so they can’t run, and feeds them to the walkers, luring the walkers off the fence. With the fences now walker-free, the people still inside are able to re-enforce them.

The two now-fatherless girls that Carol is looking after are at the gates, looking at the walkers. She tells them that the walkers that they’ve been naming are dead.

As Rick dismantles the pig pen, Carl comes out. Carl asks if the pigs are making the people sick and Rick says maybe, or maybe it’s the people making the pigs sick, either way, they need to stay away from Judith for a while. Carl then tells Rick that Carol has been teaching the kids about weapons. He says Rick should let her. Rick says he won’t stop her and he won’t say anything, then he lights the pig pen on fire. He gives Carl his gun back and straps on his hand-cannon.

In the last scene, Tyreese goes to visit Karen, only to find a path of blood leading from her cell out to the yard, where he finds two burned and smoking corpses.

WHAAAAT?! Who’s killing the sick?!
Who’s feeding the walkers at the fence? Is it the girls or…
Who’s going to come down with swine flu?
What’s going on with Carol?
What’s up with Michonne and Judith?
How will Tyreese react to his new love being killed?

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think! Best answer will get a shirt of their choosing!

Last week’s best answer was from Andrew, who’s comment is too long to post, but it was well thought-out, had some good theories, and best of all, he reads (and mentions) the comics!

The winner below: Frank Visone! We loved his look into Michonne’s psyche because we love Michonne!