Ok so last week we learned (after some quick detective work from Rick) that Carol had burned the early flu victims. Tyreese, Daryl, Michonne, and Bob ran (literally) into a herd and had to ditch their car but they all survived.

As this week’s episode starts, Daryl’s group is now on foot, heading to the veterinary school/clinic for drugs. Daryl picks up some jasper for someone back at the prison. Michonne gets a little flirty and then asks if he knows all of them at the prison. He says that’s what happens when you stick around.

The group finds a car but the battery’s dead, so they head to an overgrown gas station. As they cut through the overgrowth, walkers burst through. They emerge unscathed but not before we see Tyreese behaving dangerously, not willing to let go of a walker that’s attacking him so that Michonne can kill it. Michonne lectures him on handling his anger and he turns on her and accuses her of the same thing. Surprisingly, she claims she’s not angry anymore and she doesn’t know why she’s still hunting the Governor.

When Daryl and Bob check out the inside of the gas station they see that the people inside tried to kill themselves. Daryl thinks they gave up, Bob feels pity.

Bob tells Daryl about his alcoholism. He also says that what happened at the store in the first episode was his fault. Daryl says it’s bullshit. He says he and Sasha picked the store. “No one stands alone, not anymore.”

After fixing the car, the group gets into the school/clinic. Michonne watches as Bob stuffs something into bag. The group then finds a large supply of medicine and they stock up. Before they can leave the building they’re attacked by walkers. They’re forced to exit through a window. Bob nearly falls when a walker grabs his backpack and he refuses to let go.

After putting the whole group in jeopardy we see that the reason he refused to let go was that he had found a bottle of booze. There were no meds in his bag, just the booze. Daryl is PISSED. “You take one sip before those meds get in our people and I will BEAT your ass. You hear me?” Bob shamefully puts the bottle back in his bag and they leave.

As they get back in the car, Michonne tells Daryl that she doesn’t need to hunt for the Governor anymore.


Carol is about to go on a supply run with Rick for food and whatever else they can find. She tells Lizzy that she’s leaving, and Lizzy seems a little… emotionless and pessimistic.

As Rick and Carol drive Carol defends her actions as partly merciful, partly defensive, but I’m not sure Rick is totally behind her.

They get to a house and find a young couple who have been trapped in a bathroom by a walker for two days. The couple is nice enough but they seem naive and ill-prepared for the situation. Carol fixes the young man’s dislocated shoulder. We learn that the girl had a badly broken ankle from the early days of the outbreak that was never set right.

Rick gives them the test, and he’s willing to let them come back but he warns them that there’s a risk of infection at the prison. The couple offers to help scour the neighborhood. Rick wants them to just wait at the house because they’re both injured, but they insist on helping. Rick relents.

As Rick and Carol search a house for medicine, they discuss morality, the couple, Carol’s murders, and Rick’s leadership. Carol says that her actions weren’t any different than Rick’s when he killed Shane.

Carol and Rick pick tomatoes and talk about Carol’s abusive relationship with her husband and Sophia. Rick tells Carol about Lori’s awful Sunday pancakes.

As they go back to the car, they see that the girl they just met has been attacked and killed by walkers (and is currently being devoured). Carol barely reacts, “We should get back.”

They wait at the house for the boyfriend to get back, but Carol says they have to go. He might be alive but it doesn’t matter. We’ve seen multiple times this episode that Carol’s decisions have become 100% logical, with almost no emotion.

As they pack up, Rick talks to Carol about what she did. “They might have lived. Karen and David. They might have lived and now they’re dead. That wasn’t your decision to make.” Rick says that the group won’t understand, that Tyreese will kill her. He says if it were him and his children, he wouldn’t trust her around them. She defends herself as it becomes clear that Rick is telling her that he’s not taking her back to the prison.

They pack a car for Carol and go their separate ways.

Did Rick make the right choice telling Carol to leave?

Will we see Carol again? What’s going to happen to her?

Would you let Bob stay with the group after what he did?

This week’s title was “Indifference.” This could apply to Tyreese, Michonne, Carol, etc. Discuss.

Person with the best comment this week gets a shirt! (I picked a winner: Ricardo Colombo, who had a great post on Rick testing Carol.)

Last week’s winner: Dani, who mentions two things I like: 1) Keep your eyes on the road. A few people said this but I think Dani said it first. I first came across this concept in The Stand. You never know when you’ll come across an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the road and in the apocalypse, a broken bone can be fatal. 2) What IS up with that herd? What attracted them there…