Last week on The Walking Dead, Daryl and his crew managed to score the medicine they were looking for but hadn’t yet returned to the prison and Rick told Carol to leave the group.

At the prison, Glenn and Sasha are getting worse while Hershel does what he can to keep the survivors alive. They remove the almost-dead from the quarantine area before stabbing them in the brain, so the others don’t have to see. Glenn is getting worse, and has Hershel talk to Maggie on his behalf so that she doesn’t have to see how bad he’s gotten. Hershel checks in on Dr S is who very sick when he tells Hershel that with their limited resources they need to focus on the savable.

Rick comes back sans Carol. Maggie agrees with Rick’s decision and warns him that the herd at the fence is getting large again.

Hershel puts down another recently deceased patient when Rick comes to see him. He tells Rick how they’re burning the bodies out back—that’s what they’ve come to. When Hershel goes back inside, he finds Sasha collapsed. As he helps her back in bed, one of the recently deceased reanimates. She attacks Hershel and all hell breaks loose.

Meanwhile Rick and Maggie are working on reinforcing the fence. Maggie hears a gunshot and goes inside to help while Rick works on the fence. As Maggie tries to get into the cell block, Hershel deals with more and more walkers.

Out at the fence, Carl is doing his best to help when it fails. Carl and Rick retreat. They get assault rifles and start slaughtering the walkers as they come in.

Maggie gets into the cell block in time to help Hershel and together the two of them intubate Glenn, who is not doing well at all. But the procedure works and Glenn lives.

While Rick and Carol mop up the remaining walkers with crowbars, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob return with the medicine. Just in time to save Glenn and Sasha. Whew.

As life seemingly returns to normal, we see the last shot of the episode: The Governor silently watching the prison.

He’s baaaaaaaaack. I want your predictions on what his plans are!