It’s always fun to see how The Walking Dead comic compares to the show based on it. Sometimes the show explores entirely new characters and locations and sometimes the show is very true to the comic book. Tonight’s episode (#409—”After”) is of the latter variety. Almost all of tonight’s episode is taken directly from Volume 9: Here We Remain (specifically issues 49 and 50), with Michonne’s flashback from the Michonne Special, a 6-page back story that first appeared in Playboy in March 2012.


While the Michonne flashback is framed as a dream sequence which takes place in an apartment, in the comic it’s more straight-forward.

The Prison opening and the Rick and Carl portion of episode 409 is visually VERY similar to Volume 09 (issues ). Here we see some key scenes and how they compare.

Michonne comes across Hershel’s severed head (in the comic book it was Tyreese that the Governor held captive and eventually decapitated) and puts him out of his misery:

Rick and Carl explore an abandoned BBQ Joint and come across a walker. Rick attempts to stop it with a hatchet but merely embeds his blade in it’s skull:

Carl ultimately intervenes, despite Rick’s instructions to the contrary:

And once they find sanctuary, Rick examines his wounds:

The next day, almost an entire sequence is right out of the comic as Carl is unable to wake Rick, begins yelling, which attracts walkers, then lures the walkers away from the house, takes care of them, pukes, and smiles—pleased with his ability to survive. Here’s the truncated version:

When Carl returns to the house, he finds Rick in the same condition he left him, and takes out his frustration:

And last, we see what happens when Rick finally wakes up, but sounds a bit too much like a walker. Luckily, Carl is unable to pull the trigger (again, truncated):

It’s an amazing few issues. If you want to pick up Volume 09: Here We Remain, you can do so RIGHT HERE. Use Coupon code AAGGGGH to save 10% on Volume 09 through next week! And as always, you can pick up individual issues on either Comixology or!