Hey guys. I’m gonna change the format a bit here this week. Let me know if you prefer the write-ups to be like this or like last week’s style (poll at end of post). Really it comes down to the purpose of this post: Is it a jumping off point for discussion or is it a means to actually read a full description of the episode for people that missed it? Anyway, here we go and please answer the poll after!

Last week on AMC’s The Walking Dead:
-Rick and Carl took refuge in a seemingly safe neighborhood while Rick healed. Carl went out on his own and got in a few scrapes but managed to get by alone. Michonne tracked them and at episode’s end, arrived at their house. The whereabouts and status of the rest of the cast is left unknown. Which brings us to…

This week on AMC’s The Walking Dead:
-Beth is alive! Daryl is alive! And they’re together and on the run. Daryl is sullen and pessimistic. Beth forces him to help her track people from the prison. The tracks lead to train tracks, where walkers are finishing a fresh meal. Daryl kills the walkers and they move on.

-Lizzie and Mika are alive! And they’re with Tyreese! And Judith! Lil Ass Kicker lives! Mika is scared and wants Carol. Lizzie is calm and seemingly in control. Tyreese temporarily leaves them when he hears shouts nearby and Lizzie almost suffocates Judith when she starts crying (and just blankly stares while she does it—hmmm).
-Carol is alive! She finds Lizzie and Mika in the woods with Judith and then joins up with Tyreese.
-A bitten man tells them to follow the tracks to a safe place.
-They see a makeshift sign: “SANCTUARY FOR ALL/ COMMUNITY FOR ALL/ THOSE THAT ARRIVE SURVIVE” And then on a map a location is marked: TERMINUS.

-Maggie is alive! Bob Stookey and Sasha are alive! They’re all together by a stream. Sasha doesn’t believe that Tyreese made it. Bob is hopeful. Maggie is withdrawn. She’s intent on going after the bus.
-Bob insists on going with her.
-They find the bus. Abandoned and full of walkers. One-by-one they let the walkers off and kill them. No Glenn but…

-Glenn is alive! We see him on a destroyed bridge at the prison, walkers everyone. He checks the cells for survivors, gras his personal affects, and suits up in riot gear.
-Tara is alive! As Glenn leaves the prison he comes across her. She doesn’t even want to leave, consumed by guilt from joining the Governor. Glenn convinces her to help him get out of the prison.
-Glenn finds out that Hershel was executed. Heart-breaking.
-Glenn collapses while fighting off some walkers and then a large military truck pulls up and…
-ABRAHAM! “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?”

Wow, Abraham is here and he brought Rosita and Eugene with him! Comic fans are freaking out and TV fans are like, “who?” Luckily we have a primer for you if you want to know a bit more about Sgt Abraham Ford. AND it just so happens we have an Abraham Army Merch Pack as well (plug plug)!

What did you guys think about tonight’s episode?
Two big themes I noticed: 1) a few times we’re reminded of the safety of the prison and the complete lack of safety on the open road. 2) Through both Beth, Maggie, and Glenn we see that Hershel’s faith and optimism lives on in the people he loved.

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