Another episode, another chance to compare it to the comic book! This will be a quick one since, unlike last week, this episode is NOT very comic-centric with one, quick, MAJOR exception but we’ll get to that.

First things first, we’ll show this all day because we love us some Riot Gear Glenn. Glenn (smartly) dons his riot gear before attempting to leave the prison, and it saves his life when he’s swarmed. There’s no real comic moment that matches this since Glenn wasn’t even at the prison during the final showdown, having retreated to Hershel’s farm. But we can still show how much Glenn loved his riot gear!


And then, of course, the big moment that everyone who reads the comics probably immediately realized, the entrance of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita was pulled directly from the cover of issue 53:


In the comic, the group has reunited at Hershel’s farm when Abraham and his crew roll up and Abraham lays down an ass-whooping on some walkers (this happens in Volume 09). In the show, the group is still scattered, and Hershel’s farm is completely lost.

That’s it for this week! Like I said, pretty short but that Abraham entrance was a doozy! Will there be more comic book awesomeness next week? Tune in to find out!