Another episode, another chance to check out the scenes that inspired it from the comic! As usual with the show, there are some big differences, some added scenes, and some changes in timeline and character groupings, but there are still a couple good comparisons to be made this week. I’m going to throw a big old spoiler warning in here. There’s a character with our group in the comics that is not currently in the show, so you’ve been warned. I have no idea if this person will be showing up or not, but you never know.

Up first, we have a moment that you don’t really see in the show, as it takes place in between episodes 410 and 411, the reunion of Carl, Rick, and Michonne. I wanted to show it though since the knock on the door was such a happy ending last week, and Michonne finding Carl and Rick is an unusual happy moment in the comic (from Volume 09: Here We Remain). We also see Carl happy with Michonne soon after she arrives in this week’s episode.


Next we have a scene that occurs a tiny bit later in the comics (in Volume 10: What We Become), but was pulled into this episode. As Michonne searches a house for supplies, she comes across a mother and her children, who committed group suicide. A different character is the one that finds them in the comic, but we haven’t heard yet if Morgan will be making an appearance again on the show…


Our last big one, we have Eugene dropping the bomb that he knows what caused the outbreak in the first place. As events transpire a little differently in the comic, Eugene isn’t with just Glenn, he’s with the whole group. We also see that Eugene explains their situation in the comic, whereas Abraham does almost all the exposition in the show. This also happens in Volume 9.


And a tiny one to end on, we see Rick throw on a jacket that reminds us how much he liked rocking that fur collar in the comic.


So that’s it for this week! We miss anything? We can whip it up if we did. Let us know in the comments below!