“Us” starts with Abraham and Glenn’s group still following the tracks. Eugene’s lecturing on dinosaurs, viruses, and video games. When Tara finds a penny, he tells her how to make a battery. Clearly he’s smart, but maybe not the most socially savvy guy.

That night, Abraham and Tara keep watch. Abraham says he’s noticed how Tara watches Glenn and he thought maybe she was in love with him, until he noticed how she checked out Rosita. He realizes that her drive to protect Glenn is something different.

Eugene continues talking Tara’s ear off. Luckily, they come across one of Maggie’s messages: GLENN GO TO TERMINUS. MAGGIE SASHA BOB. He takes off like a bolt of lightning.

Apparently he doesn’t run too far or too long, because the whole group is together, albeit moving at a brisk pace. Abraham wants to rest but Glenn wants to keep moving. A walker falls out of a watch tower and splats on the ground. In trying to protect Eugene, Abraham knocks Tara down, hurting her leg. When Glenn asks if she wants to rest, she agrees to keep moving. Rosita calls Glenn out for being uncaring, and not noticing that Tara would kill herself to help him. Glenn ignores her and makes a deal with Abraham: if he’ll keep moving until sundown he’ll give his riot gear to Eugene. Abraham accepts.

Later, they come to a very, VERY dark tunnel. Abraham refuses to go through it. “You hear that? That there is a loooong, dark tunnel full of reanimated corpses.” He says it’s time for them to part ways since he knows that Glenn is going to insist on going through the tunnel. Abraham gives Glenn and Tara some canned food and a flashlight. Eugene compliments Tara on her looks. Tara tells him she likes girls. Oh, he knows.

Before heading into the tunnel Glenn reassures Tara that he does care about her. Tara tells Glenn that she didn’t really understand what was going on with the Governor, but she was part of it and she can’t change that.

They approach a cave-in in the tunnel. Walkers are trapped in the debris. There’s wet blood, meaning it happened that day. Glenn checks the walkers as he climbs to the top of the cave-in. There’s an entire herd on the other side. Glenn shines the flashlight on them, looking for Maggie, which draws them in. He says he wants to push through. Tara advises against that.

While they contemplate this we check in with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Eugene wants to be the navigator. After making his case, Rosita allows it. As they drive, Abraham is napping in the back of the car and Rosita is accusing Eugene of being lost. It turns out Eugene’s just been leading them to the other side of the runnel instead of toward Washington. Abraham wakes up and is pissed. As he argues with Rosita, and meanwhile Eugene sees something out the window. “GUYS!” They turn and stare.

Back to the world’s scariest tunnel, the walkers are herding toward Glenn’s flashlight, a diversion. Glenn and Tara move down the land slide opposite the light when Tara slips and gets her foot caught. Tara tells Glenn to leave her but he refuses and starts shooting until he runs out of ammo. Out of nowhere a car shows up and a group opens fire. It’s Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Rosita, and The Euge. Tearful reunion ensues.

They stack the bodies and make camp in the tunnel. When Glenn introduces Tara he says that he found her on the road, not letting Maggie know about her involvement with the Governor. Clean slate: unlocked! Abraham tries to convince the group to come with him to Washington. Eugene says that they should go to Terminus, see what they have there. Rosita agrees. Sasha wants to go to Terminus as well, as does Bob. Abraham defers to Eugene.

Maggie and Glenn catch up. Maggie tells him she intentionally caused the cave-in when they were outnumbered by walkers. Glenn’s picture of Maggie falls out and she lights it on fire, as her promise to him that they’ll never be separated again.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit and jump over to Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Carl and Michonne are seeing who can balance on the rails the longest. Carl wins and is rewarded with a Big Cat candy bar, which he splits with Michonne. Rick smiles as he watches the exchange. Still weird to see that. They continue toward Terminus.

While Glenn was still looking for Maggie, Daryl was getting acquainted with his new crew. We start with them sleeping. A walker approaches and hits their tripwire alarm. Easily dispatched, but they notice that Daryl’s walked off. They joke that maybe he found the Lincoln that took Beth. Len heads off to find Daryl, who’s squirrel hunting. He takes down the same rabbit Daryl does, which does not please Daryl. He tells Daryl that he’s claimed the rabbit. Rules of the hunt. He proceeds to antagonize Daryl over Beth, to the point that Daryl tries to pull his knife. Joe stops him before it escalates and explains the rules to Daryl. Their group “claims” objects, and that’s how they keep the peace. First one to claim something gets it. Joe says he’s not gonna punish Daryl for breaking a rule he didn’t know existed. He then cuts the rabbit in half and splits it between the two men.

As they head down the tracks, Joe grills Daryl on what his plan is. Daryl’s reluctant to commit to staying with them, and Joe tries to convince him that it’s best to join them. He explains what happens when you break the rules: you catch a beating. They stop at a garage for the night. Joe, who is apparently a cat person (Lizzy cheers), warns Daryl: “Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat thinks he’s an indoor cat.”

They head into the garage and one of them notes that no one’s been there for a while. Joe says that it doesn’t matter—they’re getting closer. All the cars are claimed for sleeping so Daryl crashes on the floor. Len freaks out when he finds his rabbit-half is missing, and promptly accuses Daryl of stealing, a serious offense. Before they come to blows, Joe once again intervenes. He empties Daryl’s bag and both halves of the rabbit fall out. Daryl says that Len planted it. When Len refutes that, Joe hits him and the group beats him. Joe saw Len plant the rabbit. This was a test, and Len failed it.

When Daryl wakes up and leaves with the group the next day, he sees Len’s dead body with an arrow through the eye. When the group hits the tracks, Daryl notices the Terminus sign. Joe says it’s a lie. “You think they’re gonna welcome guys like you and me with open arms?” Joe tells him who they’re after: Rick. They tracked him to a Terminus sign, so that’s where they’re going.

When they see a strawberry plant Daryl yells, “Claimed!” and takes it. He’s falling in with them.

They don’t notice the Big Cat wrapper on the tracks.

The last scene of the episode is Glenn’s reunited group arriving at Terminus, a large industrial building. There are sunflowers out front and friendly signs about lowering your guns. Inside there are more flowers, laundry, and a woman barbecuing. Her name is Mary. She welcomes them and offers to fix them a plate.

So what did you think?!
Reunited love!
Eugene (kind of) saving the day!
Daryl and his scumbag friends!
And finally… TERMINUS!

Is ANYBODY trusting Terminus about now? Can it actually be the peaceful utopia it seems to be?

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