Another week where there is a TON of the comic in the show. Episode 503 continues the Volume 11: Fear the Hunters storyline from last week and finishes it off. Let’s take a look at how they compare!

Bob’s end (in the comic, Dale’s) is very faithful. From his reaction to learning he’d been eaten, to the reveal that he’s “tainted meat,” to Gareth (Chris in the comic) kicking him unconscious. Take a look:





Rick forces a confession out of Gabriel in both the comic and the show. His back story matches up in both. Here are some highlights:

Dale/Bob gets laid out in the front of the church as part of a trap:

And if you’re keeping score, that awesome “They’re f–king with the wrong people” line from the end of the last season? In the comics it comes right after Rick and his crew find Dale on the lawn in front of the Church (The Hunters also shoot Glenn in the comic, intentionally wounding him).

Andrea/Sasha talks to Dale/Bob about not telling anyone about being bitten. The circumstances are pretty different in the two, but not so different that some of the same moments aren’t hit.

While The Hunters come to the church as part of a trap in the show, in the comic Rick and his crew hunt them down. Rick has Andrea blow Chris’ (comic version of Gareth) fingers off. Pretty bad ass. They force The Hunters to surrender their weapons and Chris begs them to let them go, just as Gareth does in the show

It doesn’t work in the comic either. The Hunters are savagely killed, although it’s mostly alluded to with some really great art.

As usual, we’ve presented artwork from the comic in a stylized manner. If you haven’t checked out the book, rest assured that it’s presented on very clean, very white paper. You should really check it out! The confrontation with The Hunters is a high point for the comic in terms of bad assitude. Really, really cool stuff.