A big comic event this week! Comic fans have known this was coming for a while. Eugene finally came clean. Some big differences from the comic, though, let’s check out what was the same and what was changed in this week’s episode!


Let’s start with the big dog. The big finale this week was the reveal that Eugene is, in fact, full of shit. In the comic, Eugene has a radio that he’s using to supposedly communicate with DC. As the group gets VERY close to Washington, Rick goes to grab the radio, Eugene tries to get it first, and it falls to the ground, the battery compartment popping open to reveal that there are no batteries inside. Eugene tries to make excuses but Rick knows something’s up. Eugene confesses. And like the show, Abe kicks his ass. Unlike the show, Eugene isn’t nearly killed, and Abraham actually takes it a little better, relatively speaking.


You can see that Eugene does not take that epic faceplant into the street. Check out the full version of this scene in Volume 12: Life Among Them.


In the comic we learn Abraham’s back story in Volume 10: What We Become as he, Rick, and Carl make a side trip to Rick’s hometown (this is also the volume with the epic throat-ripping-out scene). Abe’s story is VERY similar, although we don’t actually see it in the comic. There’s also a bit more the his story in the comic (it’s a bit more tragic) than in the show.


I’m leaving the end of his story out. Go read the comic!


Not necessarily a big part of the story, but yes, in the comic book Eugene also likes to watch.


That’s it for this week! What did we miss that you caught?! Post it down below!