Time for a new episode of everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic zombie drama! Last week we spent some time with Abraham and Glenn’s group, and this week we’re going to see what happened to Beth and Daryl after they drove off, chasing the car with the white cross. Will they find Beth? Will they find romance? Will they find an otherwise untouched Cracker Barrel and spend the rest of their lives there? Find out now!

We start with a flashback (since this episode is pre-Daryl coming out of the bushes, I guess this is a flashback-within-a-flashback). We get to see Carol leave after parting with Rick. She drives away and breaks down in her car (emotionally, not mechanically). She’s hurt more than she has let on.

Eventually, she sets up in a law firm, not too far from the prison. It’s here, while she’s setting up rain collectors, that she sees smoke in the distance. She takes off and finds the prison burning.

So that’s the story of how Carol came back to the prison and started tracking her friends.

Back to the present (or, well, more recent present), Daryl and Beth are tailing the Grady car. Low on gas, Carol suggests running them off the road and forcing the info out of them. Daryl doesn’t go for it.

They follow the other car into Atlanta. When the other car stops for a bit, they stop as well, but they’re unable to start the car a second time and the other car gets away. Carol says she knows a place nearby they can hole up in. It’s a shelter for abused women that she had spent time at in her time before the apocalypse.

They settle in a room with bunk beds. Daryl sees a book called “Treating Survivors of Childhood Abuse.” Carol wonders about starting over in a place designed to help people heal and start over. Carol says she doesn’t know what she would have done if Daryl hadn’t found her by the car near the church.

They hear banging somewhere on their floor. Some walkers are behind some frosted glass doors. When Carol moves to take care of them, Daryl tells her she doesn’t have to, and they leave them be.

The next morning Carol wakes up to find that Daryl has taken care of them and even built a funeral pyre for them. Carol stands by Daryl and just says, “Thank you.”

Carol packs Tom Sawyer into her bag (remember Carol and the girls were talking about Tom Sawyer when they were walking the railroad tracks and she was also reading it to the kids in the prison. Hey Carol, there are other books) and the two move out to try and find the car they were chasing.

On the way to a tall building, Daryl lights a pad of paper on fire and tosses it to distract and draw off a pack of walkers. New strategy!

They go up a parking structure and come to a pedestrian bridge. People had camped out there and apparently died in their sleep, either zipped up in their sleeping bags or zipped up in one of three tents. They kill the ones in the sleeping bags and check them for supplies but the tents are too much trouble to deal with so they leave them. This will cost them.

They squeeze through a chained door into the building. They find a lookout spot and Carol alludes to her time with the girls and how awful it was. Daryl tells her that the reason he mentioned starting over was because they have to.

They spot a van on a bridge with a white cross painted on it and decide to investigate. On their way out of the building Noah gets the drop on them as they squeeze back through the chained doors. He holds them up. “No one has to get hurt, I just need weapons, that’s it.” Maybe Noah is planning to get Beth back? Too bad these guys don’t know they’re both looking for Beth.

Noah apologizes for what he’s about to do, and then cuts a tent open to stall them. When Carol takes aim at Noah, Daryl hits the gun, causing her to miss. Noah escapes. As they head after him Carol says she was just going to wound him. “He just a kid,” Daryl says. Daryl is awfully peaceful these days.

They make it to the bridge without further incident. The van is precariously hanging off the side of the bridge. Instead of one of them sitting on the bumper to help keep it from falling off the bridge, they both climb into the front. Seems like a bad idea. They find a stretcher that says GMH on the bottom. Carol says it could be “Grady Memorial Hospital.” By this time they’re pretty well surrounded by walkers. Low on ammo, they buckle into the front of the van and ride it as it falls off the bridge.

Daryl isn’t too much worse for the wear, but Carol has a pretty nasty bruise on her chest and needs help walking. They decide to scope out Grady to see what they can find out. From a nearby building they’re able to see cars with white crosses on the top of a parking structure next to the hospital. They stake it out.

Daryl asks Carol what she meant when she said he was different. She said he was like a child before, but now he’s a man. Then she relates her time at the shelter and how she went back to her husband after just a day and a half with Sophia and let him beat her up. At the prison she got to be who she always thought she would be but even that “burned up.” “Everything now just… consumes you,” she says. “We ain’t ashes,” Daryl replies, spawning a thousand bootleg t-shirts.

They hear bangs nearby and find one of Daryl’s arrows pinning a walker to the wall. Then they hear gun fire in the next room. Noah’s tussling with a walker. He manages to shove it off where it falls on an already injured Carol. Daryl helps her up then goes after Noah. Daryl body checks Noah into a bookshelf which falls on Noah, trapping him, a walker trying to get in through a door crack. “I helped you once, I ain’t helping you again,” Daryl says. Now the roles reverse and Carol asks Daryl to help him. It seems like he won’t but he relents.

Yet another flashback (there was another one earlier of Carol burning the bodies at the prison). This one is Carol just after the assault on Terminus. Again, there’s the backdrop of smoke. Definitely a recurring theme this episode.

They help Noah up and he starts worrying about The Grady Bunch hunting him down. Now they manage to figure out that they’re all trying to save the same person, just as a Grady car arrives.

They run to the building next door, and when Daryl stops to help Noah, Carol runs into the street and gets hit by the Grady car. Noah stops Daryl from running after her, telling him that the Grady’s will be able to help her. “We can get her back. We can get Beth back.” “What’s it gonna take?” Daryl asks. “A lot. They got guns. And people.” “So do we.”

Daryl and Noah steal a truck and head off, presumably back to the church, but maybe to an otherwise untouched Cracker Barrel where they will spend the rest of their lives.

And with that we are out! I believe we’re pretty much all caught up with everyone’s stories, right? Beth is being held at Grady. Noah and Daryl are (probably) creeping around in the bushes by the church. The Church group is washing off the blood of the Termites. And Abraham, Glenn, and company are discussing Eugene’s hair (I assume maybe that story is a little ahead, time-wise). But we will find out more next week!

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