Last year at Comic-con we decided to have a little obstacle course. And by “little” I mean “taking over Petco Park.” It was a massive interactive obstacle course, with cars, cargo nets, ladders, barricades, fences, and, of course, walkers.

We’re kicking it up a notch this year, and incorporating new set pieces like The Prison. And the best part: we’re taking the show on the road. First up is Philadelphia. Tickets are available for Survivors, Zombies, or Spectators. Survivors run the course, which takes about 30-50 minutes. Zombies get professional make up, a walker lesson, and then haunt the course for two and a half hours. Spectators get to take it easy and let the madness unfold around them. Philly is already sold out of “Hero” tickets which are the VIP zombie tickets, so don’t dilly dally if you’re thinking about attending!

The Walking Dead Escape: Philadelphia will be at Wells Fargo Center Complex on April 21.

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