EW and Dalton Ross are bringing the FEAR THE WALKING DEAD goods this week!

They have new photos from the series premiere.

In the first article EW shared photos from the premiere and also got Robert Kirkman talking about the characters we’ll meet. “Kirkman gave us some bonus intel on Alicia, who is the daughter of Kim Dickens’ Madison: ‘Alicia is your atypical teenage girl. She excels at school. She’s on her way to college. She’s very self-sufficient. She’s very self-reliant. She’s kind of the model student and the model child.’… But as Kirkman tells us, Alicia’s brother is far from the model child. ‘In the face of that, we’ve got Nick—who is played by Frank Dillane—who is pretty much a parent’s worst nightmare. He has flunked out of college, had a lot of trouble, got mixed up in some bad elements, and is definitely the problem child.'” A bunch more over at EW!

In the second post Dalton got Robert to talk a bit about the timeline of FEAR. “I will say that I don’t consider this show to be a prequel to The Walking Dead, because there will be a point where a certain episode of this show will line up with season 2 of The Walking Dead, and a certain episode of this show will line up with season 3 of The Walking Dead. So we will be progressing through time to the point that we do pass the initial days of the outbreak.” I’m taking this to mean that time-wise, FEAR will catch up to TWD, which we had already kind of assumed. There’s more in the article!


Dalton keeps bringing it with the FEAR tidbits. In the latest update, he asks Robert about the setting for FEAR and whether the urban environment means there will be none of the forest-wandering that’s become so prevalent in the much more rural TWD mothership. Head on over to see what he says.


I’m starting to think that if we follow all these FEAR breadcrumbs that Dalton is leaving, we’ll end up in his oven. Today, Robert tells him how we might learn about the walker infection in an entirely new way in FEAR. I guess this new crew will have to learn that they’re all infected without the Atlanta CDC…