The Walking Dead Executive Producer David Alpert took a moment while on the set of Season 5 to share a few of his favorite moments from the show, and who he can’t wait to see introduced from the comics…

Q: You’ve known Robert Kirkman for over 12 years now. What still surprises you about the stuff he comes up with in the show and comic?

A: The thing that surprises me most is that he still has the same shirts from 12 years ago. [Laughs] In all honesty, the thing that gets me about what Robert does is really finding the humanity in these insane situations. So many creators and writers get wrapped up in the pyrotechnics and the setting. Robert always finds the character and the spark.

Q: Last year, you mentioned Season 4’s theme related to the possibility of civilization. What would you say the theme for Season 5 is?

A: I think with Season 4, Scott Gimple really focused on whether you can get away from the things that you’ve done. Can you turn your back on your past? I think Season 5 is a response to that, in that you are what you’ve done, where you’ve been and where you’re from.

Q: You’re working on a new sci-fi movie, Air, starring Norman Reedus. Is this going to be Daryl Dixon in space?

A: It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller in a world that’s been overrun. The key people in this world, like scientists and biologists, are being held at a biogenic facility. Norman Reedus plays a maintenance man that is woken up every six months to clean the air filter. He’s been doing it for years and years, but this time, something goes horribly wrong. It’s a really interesting character study with this giant post-apocalyptic backdrop. Daryl is very strong, but can be child-like at times. In Air, Norman’s character is very independent-minded and he’s very much a leader, whereas Daryl, I think, is the perfect #2. Norman’s character in Air would never be working with Rick.

Q: What one element from the show do you wish was in the comic?

A: It’s more like things in the comic that I can’t wait to get to. I cannot wait until we introduce Negan. He is just like the coolest f—ing character on the planet. You thought the Governor was bad news?

Q: Negan’s worse?

A: [Laughs] Man, wait until you meet Negan! He’s one of the greatest villains ever created. It’s so exciting.

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