Hey all, we’ve been slowly updating the store with SDCC exclusives and new merch post-SDCC and I wanted to give a little update. You may or may not have seen the notice in the store that processing time could be a little longer than normal. This is due to a couple factors:

1) We ship A LOT of merch down to Comic-Con, including, but not limited to, all of our new stuff (PVC figs, shirts, etc). Minus what we sell, all that has to come back, along with all of our gear, signage, some of the booth, and so on. That is A LOT of stuff coming back to a not-very-large warehouse and it gets unwieldy.

2) We’re currently revamping some of our processes, have hired a new warehouse manager, and are updating ALL of our inventory quantities (something that wasn’t done before). It’s a drag now, but this means less out-of-stock items, quicker order processing, and more merch over all.

So anyway, it’s not ideal, we apologize for the delays (which can be nonexistent depending on what you order), and you can always reach me if you have any questions (brian [at] thewalkingdead.com).

We threw up a small batch of Faction shirts today, and will bump the inventory numbers up when we have a full count in!

Thanks for your patience and feedback!