We took a poll yesterday to see what you thought would happen on this week’s episode and the overwhelming majority said:

“Baby Judith is alive and well!” and “Abraham & his crew arrive on the scene.” Man, I hope you guys aren’t disappointed.

What else did you guys have to say?

Brenda thinks that if Abraham shows up, Carol will be with him. I like that she’s doubling down on character entrances!

Brad thinks that Maggie will take her own life. I’ll be depressed for weeks if that happens.

Over on Facebook:

Rob thinks that Tyreese will be the one to meet up with Carol. It’ll be like fire and gasoline if those two meet up. (See what I did there?)

Gil thinks “Absolutely nothing………..then some talking.” I predict Gil still watches the show and enjoys it more than most other shows and still visits our Facebook page to complain about it. Hey man, as long as you watch!

Mikey thinks that a surprise guest on Talking Dead means a big character dies…

Over on Twitter:

Margaret thinks Rick and Michonne will make out. We have a ‘shipper in our midst! Anyone else rooting for Rick and Michonne?

Stargazer Girl doesn’t have a prediction but tells us that her husband proposed during The Walking Dead!!!! Wow! I hope he paused it…

Jon Lambert says that Daryl is going to die. Trollin’ hard! I love it.

What else you guys got? Anyone with some long odds for the finale?