Quick catch up: The Clarks, Manawas, and Salazars (Can we just call them the Clanazars??) just discovered the military’s plans to exterminate the community via Daniel’s “24” torture methods he learned from being a war criminal in The Salvadoran War. In the zombie apocalypse, the survivors are surrounded by two separate yet equally dangerous forces: the military, who abuse their power and exterminate communities; and the infected undead, who eat the military. These are their stories. DUN DUN.

The Clanazars prepare to leave while Daniel milks more information out of Corporal Adams, who claims he can take them to Nick and Griselda *she’s dead cough*. Back at the military compound, Dr. Exner is optimistic a helicopter convoy is coming to evacuate them. Before she can feel safe leaving, Liza demands Exner has Travis and Chris brought to the base (anything is possible?).

Terrified of Daniel, Adams asks Travis to kill him. “There’s no story here that doesn’t end with me dead,” he explains. But of course, Human buzz kill keeps him alive. They soon leave the community thanks to Daniel using the code he tortured out of Adams (torture works, guys!). To get them into the base unseen, Daniel creates a distraction by casually leading a hoard of zombies to one of the gates (which overwhelms the guards). He meets back up with the gang just in time for Travis to tell him about letting Adams go. They leave Alicia and Chris behind in the parking garage while they enter the compound to get Nick and Griselda *cough she’s still dead cough. *


Three soldiers find Chris and Alicia (doing an awful job of) hiding in the car and forcibly remove them. The soldiers need a ride out but Chris refuses to give up the keys. A fight breaks out when the soldiers suggest they take Alicia with them and Chris gets knocked out. Alicia gives them the keys and they leave.

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The infected have penetrated the gates and are now killing everyone. This is the most inept army of all time. They have an entire arsenal and yet towers are falling, bullets are missing, and alive people are literally decapitating themselves by walking into helicopter propellers. Liza is at a crossroads on where to go. The infected inevitably break in and for once Liza decides NOT to leave with the soldiers.

Fear The Walking Dead

After the power begins to fail, Strand and Nick finally make their escape. They navigate the compound to find Melvin (the soldier that got his cufflinks) for a ride out. Unfortunately, Melvin is busy getting his leg chewed on by the undead. Strand retrieves his cufflinks and leaves Melvin to die as the infected pour into the lobby. Travis, Madison, Daniel, and Ofelia break into the compound and find the cages everyone’s kept in. They begin releasing people in exchange for information on Nick. Nick and Strand backtrack and find themselves trapped at a dead end hallway with zombies coming straight at them. Strand fires but misses horribly. Looks like they’re doomed.



Miraculously, Travis and the gang make their way to Nick on the other side of the door but it’s locked. When all seems lost, Liza appears out of nowhere and lets them and the zombies in. The gang wrestles with the infected in the kitchen where they’re finally forced to take the zombies head on. Nick even saves Madison from a zombie. Finally safe, Liza breaks the news to Daniel and Ophelia that Griselda died. They find a defeated Dr. Exner, who says, “There’s nowhere left to go.” They leave her as Dr. Exner picks up a cattle pistol. She won’t make it.


Strand suggests they head west where he has a home on the water with supplies. They make it out of the compound and see a burnt pile of bodies (it’s also morning all of a sudden). They make it back to the parking garage to discover the car missing but Alicia and Chris in tact. Adams appears out of nowhere and points a gun at Daniel. While Ofelia tries talking him out of shooting her father, Adams shoots her instead (probably because she was more valuable to him). Travis immediately jumps on top of Adams and beats the living hell out of him (FINALLY Travis has a Rick moment). After landing a couple of dozen punches on Adams, Travis gets up shaking and covered in blood. He has finally changed.


The Clanazars (maybe now Strandazars?) drive through a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles (which STILL has traffic) and finally makes it to Strand’s house/mansion. (Ofelia’s going to be fine, by the way). Strand begins packing up and tells Nick that no one can stay. “The only way to survive a mad world is embrace the madness,” he says. Nick peers through the binoculars and sees a boat labeled “Abigail.” They’re going to sail out of this!

On the beach, Liza (weirdly calm) reveals to Madison that she’s been bitten and asks Madison to kill her (lots of assisted suicide requests in this episode). Madison actually agrees and takes the gun just in time for Travis to show up. Madison explains Liza’s situation to Travis and he decides everything’s going to be fine (don’t go back to old Travis)! Liza talks him down and insists she’s incurable and it’s better to die now then let Chris see her as one of the infected. Travis promises to protect Chris, takes the gun from Madison, and shoots Liza in the head. The Strandazars hear the commotion and rush over to find Liza. Chris sobs over his mother’s body, Alicia looks lost, and Madison comforts Travis as he has an emotional break-down in the ocean. END.OF.SEASON.



Do you think Travis’ actions will finally toughen him up the next season?
Is Strand someone worthy of the Clanazar’s trust?
And how will Flight 462 play into this?

Let us know YOUR thoughts on the thrilling Season Finale!