Zombie 101 Chapter 1 Page 1: In a zombie apocalypse do NOT under any circumstances do something to attract the attention of strangers or the undead. This includes but is not limited to screaming, shooting a gun, and TURNING YOUR SURVIVAL SHELTER INTO A LIGHTHOUSE. What happens if you DO? Madison finds out in this episode when a hundred or so survivors show up literally at the hotel’s doorsteps begging for help. By some miracle, among the crowd is Travis, who makes his way to the front. So what happened to Chris? Well, we’ll need a flashback.


Chris and Travis are at the farm dealing with the aftermath of the dead farmer and the injured Baby James. Travis, who routinely and conveniently took annual first aid classes patches James up and buries the farmer. That night he scolds Chris for killing the farmer. “Where is your remorse?” he implores. Chris shoots back that it’s a different world now and it’s kill or be killed. He also reminds Travis he doesn’t fit in with the group but he needs them to.


Back to the present and somehow Madison’s able to let Travis and no one else in the hotel. She catches him up on Nick and he tells her he “had no choice” with Chris. Another vague hint means we’re flashing back to the paaaast! Brandon and the douche gang prepare to leave for San Diego but Travis pleads with them to stay. He’s overruled and they lift a pained James into the truck and depart the farm. James tries to stay tough so his friends don’t kill him but the pain is unbearable and Travis forces them to turn around.

That night Travis begs them to give James more time and shoots at them to show them he means business. He stays by his side for protection and James tells him about killing their last friend that was close to death. That morning Chris brings Travis food and checks him for weapons. Chris deceives Travis into understanding him and then turns around and holds him down while Brandon bursts in and kills James.


Soon after Travis begs Chris to stay but Chris tells him he’s better off without him. They drive away and the last thing Travis tells him is, “God damn you, Chris!” Travis starts walking his own way, eventually making his way to the hotel.

Back to the present Travis laments leaving Chris behind. The outpouring of love and guilt about his son strikes a chord in Madison, who realizes she hasn’t appreciated her child who IS around. She locates Alicia and takes her to the pier to repair their relationship. She starts by finally coming clean about Alicia’s father’s death not being an accident. Madison reveals the note said, “I love you all, enough’s enough.” She explains Nick’s the reason why she kept it a secret because he shared too many traits with his father. Madison finally tells Alicia she’s always loved her and neglected her because she knew unlike Nick she’d be OK. That night, Brandon, Derek, and a few other survivors show up at the hotel gate…



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