Part One: “Wrath”

Ofelia is back! Again! This time she’s on the US/Mexico border. Jesus, is that our wall? Maybe Trump had a point. (KIDDING). Her truck breaks down and of course she’s SUDDENLY ATTACKED BY INFECTED! She takes them out with a f***ing hammer and then abandons her ride to trek across the border alone. Side note: Cartel Land should have had zombies.


At the hotel Alicia apologizes to Travis for pushing Chris away but he absolves her and finally admits Chris is sick. Nick leaves the colonia with Marco to exchange Oxi with hiss gang, who’s planning a takeover of his colonia. Marco informs Nick they no longer require his services and reveals they killed Fernando and his family. “Leave now or die,” he tells him to inform the colonia.

At the hotel Alicia checks in on their garage infirmary and comes across Brandon and Derrick, who say they were in an accident that killed their friend. Madison pieces together that these are Chris’ friends Travis told her about. (Madison’s stellar at being at the right place in the right time). She reveals her discovery to Strand, who instructs her to keep it under wraps because it would destroy Travis.


Nick returns to the colonia to warn Luciana and Alejandro about the impending invasion. Suddenly, one of Alejandro’s patients turns, bites Alejandro, and a bunch of other patients. Nick pushes his thumbs into his eyes until it’s finally dead. Alejandro, the self-proclaimed cure to the disease reassures everyone he’s OK. He then forces his patients to sacrifice themselves to the infected in the yard.


Madison tells Brandon and Derrick they’re taking them to get medical attention, which pisses off the patients around them who have been waiting far longer. In actuality, Madison’s escorting them away from the hotel to prevent Travis from discovering the truth. Unfortunately for her, Travis notices and sprints downstairs. He catches up and asks them where Chris is located.

Alejandro walks in on Nick packing his things and challenges him to explain himself. Nick realizes Luciana won’t leave until she knows the truth and demands Alejandro reveal his secret. “I am not immune,” he finally divulges. He explains he WAS bitten, but not by an infected. He used it as leverage to build their colonia and rise up as the leader. He tries convincing her to stay but she tells him he’s dead to her. Despite this revelation Luciana is still determined to stay. Elsewhere, Ofelia makes her way across the border and runs into a man with an assault rifle. He disarms her and welcomes her to America.


Travis corners Brandon and Derrick in a nearby shop to interrogate them about Chris. Brandon explains Chris fell asleep at the wheel and caused the truck to flip several times, ejecting Chris out of the windshield, killing him. Travis questions what happened next and Derrick changes the story to say they pulled him out of the truck. “So was he thrown, or did you pull him out?” Travis prods. Travis closes and locks the door on Madison and the others. He slams Derrick’s head against the counter and demands them tell him the truth. Brandon finally admits they killed Chris because “we had to.” (To be fair Chris has a compound leg fracture). Travis is sent into a rage where he pummels, curb-stomps, and eventually kills both Derrick and Brandon. In the process, he also severely injures Oscar, who was trying to stop the attack. After it’s all said and done, Travis slumps on the ground and stares off into nothing.

Part Two: “North”

Travis is finally broken, devoid of hope and distilled with rage. Madison and the others throw a chair through the window to get to Travis and Oscar. Elena takes them away and Madison asks Alicia for her knife to finish the job on Brandon and Derrick. Elsewhere, Luciana advises Alejandro to maintain his story so his people don’t lost faith; she then leaves him.

At the hotel Madison, Strand, and Alicia decide Travis can’t stay at the hotel, and neither can they. “We found this place, and we’ll find another,” Alicia reasons. For once Strand is not on board and elects to stay. Madison confronts Elena and Hector, admits wrongdoing, and says she, Alicia, and Travis will leave by the morning. Elena agrees and Madison breaks the news to Travis.

Back at the colonia Nick tries to convince Luciana to leave with him but she seems resigned to stay. “Do what you do, Nick…run.” Later, Alejandro warns his people Marco and his men will come for them tonight but they will not lay down for them. He reassures them their faith is more powerful than weapons. On the outskirts of town Nick spots a military base close by.

At the hotel Alicia checks on Oscar, who has emergency brain surgery. Later, Madison comforts Travis by admitting she also killed someone (Celia) to protect her child. Meanwhile, Andres is forced to kill Oscar after a botched surgery and Hector decides he’s had it with Travis staying at the hotel safe and sound.

Hector breaks into Travis’ room and beats him for killing his brother. Madison tries to stop him when Andres holds a gun to Travis’ head, who begs them not to do this in front of his family. As he’s about to pull the trigger Alicia stabs Andres in the heart. Strand shows up and threatens everyone to leave. Madison, Travis, and Alicia pack up in a truck but Strand decides to stay. He hands Madison a gun and implores them to leave. Travis drives through the hotel gates and they drive away from paradise.

Nick returns to the colonia to see Alejandro, who is looking ROUGH from that infected bite. Nick advises him to give his people permission to run before they get slaughtered. Nick informs him about the military base he saw on the border and suggests he and Luciana lead them north to it. Meanwhile, Travis, Madison, and Alicia arrive at the now abandoned supply depot to search for clues about Nick.

The next day ____ and his men arrive at the colonia and are surprised to find the town abandoned. They celebrate their victory as Alejandro makes a final stand. He moves the bus forward, which leaves an enormous gap for the infected to enter. Marco and his men try fighting off the infected but are forced to retreat. Outside of the colonia Nick and Luciana lead the blood disguised- colonia away towards the border.

Always a step behind, Travis, Madison, and Alicia arrive at the colonia to search for Nick. Madison and Travis discover everyone (including Marco and his gang) are turned and Nick isn’t here. They then find Alejandro and try to get information out of him before he dies. Alejandro manages to tell them Nick saw something by the border before taking his last breath.

Nick, Luciana, and the colonia reach the border and spot the military base/refugee camp in the distance. Suddenly, they come under fire and Luciana is shot in the shoulder. The colonia men fire back as Nick and Luciana are taken by the militarizes vigilantes.