No More Parties in LA

Kim looks on as bombs light up the skies. Strand boots up the boat as a mob of refugee boats flee the coastline. Chris sits by his mother and watches as walkers take over Strand’s mansion. The walkers make their way to the beach and one attacks Travis. Kim saves him and they both start taking them on one by one with large rocks. Nick arrives just in time on a lifeboat to rescue them. A walker follows them into the water and Nick uses the motor to dismember it. Travis, Madison, and the others hop on board The Abigail and Strand pushes ahead. They look out to land where the military drops bombs in the distance.


Taking The Life Out of Lifeboat

The next morning Strand informs the others that they can take The Abigail all the way to El Salvador if they wished. They notice a lifeboat of survivors floating nearby and Madison implores Strand to stop the boat and save them. He refuses as the survivors continue to plead with Travis and Alicia. Alicia cycles through radio channels and hears dozens of people in trouble.

Travis and Maggie bicker about leaving the people on the lifeboat behind but Travis remains adamant they made the right decision. Alicia finds a channel where a man playing David Bowie’s “Five Years” eggs her on to speak, which she does.


Momma Made Me Knock You Out

Chris finally leaves his mother’s side and bonds with Daniel over fishing. Alicia tells the man on the radio (who she’s revealed too much information to) life isn’t fair. Madison hears opera music by the water, which Strand explains was a figment of her imagination.

Daniel tells Madison, “If it’s the end of the world, it’s already over.” He also questions Strand’s motives and why he was so prepared to leave land before the bombs fell. Travis delivers a eulogy for Liza and Chris angrily pushes her body into the ocean. Travis confronts Chris, who hits him and questions his decision to shoot her.


Stranding Room Only

Alicia contacts the man on the radio (Jack), who says he has to make landfall in Santa Monica. She brings the problem to Travis and pleads to meet with Jack a few miles away. Strand walks in and interrogates her about what she told Jack. He reminds everyone it’s his boat and he’s the reason they’re still alive. Strand reinforces Nick’s worth while Madison comforts Chris.

The Floating Dead

The group sits down for dinner when they hear Chris jump overboard. Nick dives in after him but Chris claims he was just going for a swim. Alicia informs Jack they won’t be coming for him and he says he’ll see her soon. Strand notices something on the radar and Nick notices a walker floating above him. The fog subsides and reveals a capsized ship that’s been shot up with dead people in the water. Travis rescues Chris while Nick swims over the boat to save any survivors. Travis jumps in and saves Nick from a walker (floater)?

Strand informs the others they have company and must leave. Chris, Travis, and Nick make it back to The Abigail and Madison tells them they’re in danger and have to go.