Remember that wedding cake from last week’s episode? And remember that time we made a Desperate Housewives reference? It ALL comes together this week, where we flashback to the American wedding reception in Mexico that had it all. The mother (who played Mary Alice in Desperate Housewives) informs the help they need to leave before the borders are closed from the new sickness spreading. Before they can get out, the father of the bride collapses and, since “The Walking Dead” is in the title of the show died and re-animated. He immediately bites the bride’s cheek off, causing mass hysteria in the room. The help leaves and locks them in (suck it, Mary Alice).

Back to the present we FINALLY catch up with Travis and (Crazy) Chris. Chris is attacked by the infected in a nearby restaurant, where other survivors were staying. Later, Travis decides that this night during a zombie apocalypse is the perfect time to teach Chris how to drive. Travis is convinced he’ll need it for the future when things go back to the way they were. “I don’t believe this is the end” Travis naively assures Chris. (OK, Travis).


They run out of gas and make camp by the road. Suddenly, a truck appears and the three guys Chris stole from earlier (Brandon, Derrick, & Baby James) come out and promise not to kill them. Later, Travis reveals San Diego (where Brandon and his group are from) is destroyed but they’d give them a ride on their way up.

Back at the hotel Alicia is chased by the infected into an elevator shaft. Luckily, she’s rescued by one of the hotel staff (Alana from the flashback) who pulls her up and demands, “WHERE IS HE?” Soon after the woman reveals she’s the one who’s locking up the infected in the rooms. She also confuses Alicia for a member of another group and explains her nephew Hector’s been taken by the surviving wedding guests to draw her out. Alicia makes a deal to help her find her family in exchange for fending off the rest of the guests.


Alicia and Alana draw the infected out of the stairwell and trap them into a room. Alicia escapes through the balcony as the infected break through. They find their way downstairs to the abandoned reception room and Alana explains what happened and how she contained the situation. “I couldn’t let it spread,” she explains. Alicia comforts her and vows to protect her from the angry wedding party.


Travis and Chris ride with Brandon’s group on the douchebag express until they come upon a farm. Travis tells Chris this is the place they’ve been looking for and they have to stay. Chris, who’s thrilled to find people who don’t view him as a psychopath wants to stay with the group instead. As they discover a chicken coop Travis realizes they’re not alone. The owner of the farm confronts them with a shotgun, causing a standoff. Baby James breaks one of the chicken’s necks and the farmer shoots him in the leg. Chris shoots the farmer, killing him. Travis is beside himself and looks at him like he’s a stranger.

FTWD2_210_RF_0419_0578-RT (1)

Alicia and Alana are confronted by the wedding guests, who are holding Hector at knife-point. They give them the keys in exchange for Hector and then release the infected onto them. They escape with Hector through a hallway and miraculously reunite with Madison and Travis.


What did YOU think of the episode? Will Alicia, Madison, and the others leave the hotel? Will Travis finally realize his son is a psychopath who desperately needs a haircut? AND WHERE THE F**K IS OFELIA?? Tell us in the comments below!