Pablo’s bloody friend Francisco from the last episode covers his family in infected blood and sneaks out of the colonia. Unfortunately, they don’t make it far when Marco and his men spot them, interrogate them on their colonia, and force them into their truck. Meanwhile we FINALLY get our first glimpse of Ofelia in two episodes and yes, she stole Strand’s truck. She uses it to get away to the ocean, where we flashback to her pre-apocalypse life when her boyfriend proposed to her.


Luciana gets news that Francisco and his family are missing. Alejandro tells the community they left because they lost faith, and what’s outside the walls is worse than death. Afterwards he instructs Nick and Luciana not to leave the colonia.

Back at the hotel Madison plans how to conserve their newly rebooted generator when there’s a knock at the door. Strand opens it and is immediately stabbed by Ilene, who mumbles about him killing her daughter and leaves. (UGH, Lady, your dead husband killed your daughter)! Hector tends to his wounds but commands Elena to leave for medical supplies. Madison decides if anyone raises a hand to another they’re out.


She, Elena, and Oscar travel to Marco’s outpost (where Hector’s brother works) to find supplies for Strand. Madison eavesdrops on Marco interrogating Francisco and Elena translates they’re discussing Luciana and “An American with ratty hair who brings them drugs.” Madison’s convinced they’re referring to Nick and interrupts the interrogation. Elena begs Madison to stop and Marco threatens to make her disappear if she doesn’t. Francisco commands his wife Ana to stay silent. Antonio tells Elena Hector should have chosen him.


Nick completely disavows Alejandro’s orders to stay put and pleads with Luciana to set up a trade to get Francisco back. After she shoots it down Nick confronts Alejandro and pleads with him to act now. “The danger is now,” Nick insists. Alejandro, who’s stubborn and clearly jolted from his community losing faith him admits he didn’t ask to be their leader. Later, Nick notices Marco looking at him from afar…he’s located the colonia.

Hey, it’s Ofelia again! She experiences another flashback of her asking her mother how she ended up with her father. She reasons God brought her to him and together they agreed to leave behind their nightmare to give Ofelia a better life. In the present, Ofelia drives towards the U.S. border.

That night, Elena and Madison return to the hotel with the medical supplies. Madison turns on every light in the hotel in hopes of drawing out Nick but Alicia runs up to stop her. Alicia berates her for almost blowing the trade and when Madison plays the ‘but he’s my child card’ Alicia loses it. “I’m your child. He chose what’s out there over us. I’m here, why isn’t that enough?” Alicia has officially taken the responsibility reins from her mother. In the distance, Travis sees the hotel lights turn on, and then off.


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