Flashing Lights

Children play on a beach as a couple of washed up walkers get caught nearby on the fence. Back on The Abigail Madison berates Nick for his heroics in the capsized boat. Strand worries about the boat chasing them nearby, leading Travis to suggest they head to a wildlife refuge to gather supplies and escape their assailants.


That night they see a house on Catrina Island flash a light twice to them and decided to dock and investigate. Travis yells that they need information when a boy, Harry, runs outside. His father beckons him to get back inside and Travis and the father, George Gary meet. Travis reassures him he has nothing to fear from them. George reveals the government’s napalm initiative on major cities in half the country. Melissa grills Madison on her past job. We also meet Melissa’s son Seth, who seems over-protective of his mother.

Child’s Play

Alicia explains the meaning of Ring a Ring o’ Roses to George’s daughter Willa. His younger son shows Nick his collection of action figure dolls that represent his family, each marked with a red dot on the forehead to indicate the way the sick have to die. Back on The Abigail Daniel interrogates Strand on his plans with his group. Strand reassures him they’ll be fine.

George explains to Travis that the outbreak is a result of nature so he plans to keep his family on the island for good. Madison theorizes that Melissa turned on the light that drew their boat to use them to escape the island. On the boat Nick tells Alicia, “Something’s off here.”


Through The Wire

The next day Chris follows Seth on his ‘chores,’ which involves killing walkers stuck by their fence. He explains gunfire draws them in and has Chris try his hand at killing them. After seeing Chris take out a few walkers Travis confronts George about his uneasiness with it all. George tours him around the fence and explains he has to choose, “Surrender or survival, acceptance or denial.”


Alicia explores an abandoned beach souvenir shop while Nick discovers pills hidden in a hollow globe. Melissa admits to Madison she signaled them to give her kids hope because she suffers from MS and can’t leave with them…but her kids could. Madison debates the issue with Travis, who argues they’re safe enough on the island. Meanwhile, Daniel breaks into Strand’s safe and discovers an automatic weapon and maps. Strand calls someone from the shore and tells them he’ll “be there” at sundown.


Dead Weight

Nick informs Travis and Madison he might have found suicide pills that George would use to off his family. Back at George’s house Melissa hands over her kids’ luggage to Travis and Madison as George walks in. He figures out their plan as Harry informs Melissa something’s wrong with Willa. The parents rush upstairs to discover she had taken one of the pills. Willa awakens as a walker and bites Melissa’s throat out.


George decides to stay while Travis and the others rush back to The Abigail with Harry in tow. Strand objects to the new addition and demands they return him. “Children are the definition of dead weight,” he explains. Seth enters The Abigail and takes Harry with him. He tells Madison, “You caused this” and exits the boat. An infected Melissa approaches them on the dock and Seth is forced to shoot her while Harry waves goodbye to The Abigail.